Is the St. Lawrence River in the Cornwall Ontario Area Ready to Be Removed from the List of Great Lakes Environmental Hot Spots? – May 4, 2010

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  1. would like to see documentation explaining what was actually accomplished in order to remove the ST Lawrence River system from the list.

    Did we actually spend all that money and time so people could just test the water so to speak? Has anything of value been added or was the economy the soul active member of improving out our river system.

    I tend to believe it is primarily the closure of old manufacturing facilities that has improved the local water system and further upstream the reduction in manufacturing in the steel industries in places like Hamilton, and as far up as Chicago.

    Had we spent the money places like the River Institute uses to sample the water on improving manufacturing practices this would not be a concern.
    We would also have to improve the political stance and the governing entities. They have a tendency to use semantics to approve industrial practices in order to achieve the monetary goals and their own personal stability in their careers.

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