Toyota Prius Sales up 41% as Oil Edges Over $1.00 per litre – Cornwall Ontario -May 4, 2010

Cornwall ON No wonder with Gulf Oil leaking all over the Ocean sales of Hybrid cars are still growing in the US and Canada.   Toyota is reporting in the US a year over year sales increase of 41% on the third generation Toyota Prius for April.

With gas prices edging over the $1.00 per litre mark pre-HST and having to be sourced from either the Oil Sands or Offshore  more and more people are considering and purchasing cleaner running cars that get better mileage without sacrificing quality; especially as the costs for these alternative cars comes down.

To see the latest Toyota Prius check out Cornwall Toyota on Brookdale Avenue in Cornwall Ontario.  Please tell them that you read about Cornwall Toyota on The Cornwall Free News!

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