Letter to the Editor from Brian Lynch – Cost of the HST to Families in Ontario – May 7, 2010 – Cornwall Ontario

Dear Editor:

The McGuinty Government’s Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) will cost the average Ontario family almost $800 a year, according to a study released by Andrea Horwath, leader of the Ontario NDP, on May 4.

Using Statistics Canada’s “Social Policy Simulation Database and Model”, the Ontario NDP examined the HST’s financial impact on Ontario families.

The analysis shows that the HST will cost the average family $792 more every year.  Even after they receive $322 in announced tax cuts and credits, the average family will be $470 out-of-pocket.

The results of the study confirm that life will be more expensive for local families many of whom are still hurting from the recession.

With the HST, Ontarians will be forced to pay 8% more for hundreds of everyday items and services  such as gasoline, home heating, hydro, natural gas, internet bills, haircuts, bicycles, magazines, legal fees, accounting fees, real estate commissions, vitamins, gym memberships, home renovations, funerals, and many more.

None of the new revenue will go towards investments in health care and education.   Unfortunately, the inadequate funding for our hospitals will result in further cutbacks to patient care; parents will continue to fundraise for classroom essentials; and our university and college students will continue to struggle with soaring tuition fees.

While our families and seniors pay more and get less, the McGuinty Government gives away billions of dollars in tax cuts to the big, profitable corporations, spends millions on high end consultants, and studies plans to sell off valuable public assets.  We deserve better.  It’s time for the McGuinty Government to put people first.

Yours truly,

Brian Lynch,

President, SDSG Provincial NDP riding association, Cornwall Ontario

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  1. Yes it’s time to get rid of McGuinty and the Fiberals. They just keep stuffing things down our throats whether we like it or not, and they expect us to accept their decisions. When will their audacity stop? It will stop with a change in provincial government at the next election. I’d NEVER vote Fiberal again!

  2. I say we steal the “Dodo Bird” from Australia and make that our national bird. Because it represents how Dalton is most likely going to become extinct in politics after all this!

  3. its time to get rid of government thats not in it for the money if you take 800 dollars per family and multiply that by how many people is in your city which ours is 42000 people thats 16 800 000 dollars going no to people that dont deserve it wish we could get rid of a corrupted government

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