FIRE Consumes FORMER CIL Building on old Domtar site – Seaway International Bridge Shut down – BREAKING Cornwall Ontario – May 7, 2010

Cornwall ON – A fire consumed an old CIL building on the former Domtar Inc. site in Cornwall Ontario resulted in the closure of the Seaway International Bridge early this evening.  5 Vehicles and 20 personnel were dispatched to the fire.

An ongoing investigation will initiate to determine the cause and nature of the blaze.

(Photos and information courtesy of Don Smith)

After much of the structure had burned, city firefighters turned two water cannons on the blaze which drew a large crowd.

We’re seeing a bunch of clips of the fire on You Tube such as this one:


One of our readers suggested that the fire was connected to a UFO sighting and submitted their You Tube Clip.


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  1. A fire in a shed owned by a demolition company! Yes, Demo Plus is run by the Roses and PARIS Holdings is run by the Roses.

    By the way inside of the old CIL or ICI — or now the AkzoNobel — shed was a 1948 Oldsmobile owned by Trenholm Healy. Yes, trenholm Healy who is ironically suing AkzoNobel for $40 million or so, because of pollution to the old Domtar site. Ironic or what.

    And how is it that PARIS Holdings owns that shed?

    PARIS Holdings was funded by Trenholm Healy, formerly of Cornwall and lately of Akwesasne. You know, the home of all all that cash and no where to stash it. And Gerry Rose also chipped in to startup PARIS, and Gerry has that record of fines for environmental pollution while getting rid of waste (and yet he runs DemoPlus). And Trenholm of course that owned of United Trust of Switzerland and William Wise’s $100 million plus Millennium “Ponzi” Bank

    Remember how this got started with Trenholm Healy investing in PARIS Holdings which bought the Domtar land? $18 million dollars of land for $4 million. Well the thing about money laundering is that it all comes out in the wash.

    William Wise’s Millenium Bank (the host for a $60 – $100 million Ponzi sceme) was owned outright by Trenholm Healy’s United Trust of Switzerland.

    There’s millions floating around to grease a lot of palms in this whole land and arena deal. Maybe that’s why it just keeps going, and going…

    For info on the banks:

    For info on some disbursements including $1 million to Trenholm Healy:

    Look at the history of the whole gang.

    The Domtar Paper Mill Lands, including an adjacent dump were sold (September 22, 2006) to PARIS Holdings (2113487 Ontario Inc.) with investors reported as Trenholm Healy and Gerrard Rose. There was some surprise at the emergence of PARIS Holdings, the speed of the sale, and the price (which was $4 million although the property was assessed at $18 million) (p. 3)

    • T. Healy, resident of Akwesasne

    • R. v. Rose Mechanical Limited/Gerrard Rose (May 2/01) – Cornwall
    On May 2, 2001, the Justice of the Peace imposed a total fine of $29,500 ($20,000 against Rose Mechanical Limited and $9,500 against Gerrard Rose) (p. 23)

    • R. v. Rose Mechanical Limited/Gerrard Rose (October 21/02) – Cornwall
    On October 21, 2002, the court dismissed appeals with respect to preceding. (p. 38)

    Property Asset Recovery Industrial Surplus (PARIS Holdings)
    • On June 4, 2008, 2113467 Ontario Inc. Operating as PARIS Holdings was fined $10,000 for violating the environmental protection act

    (this doesn’t even consider the mysterious fire at Domtar, the construction accident to a young worker, and now another fire at the ICI shed …owned by PARIS and containing a 1948 Oldsmobile owned by Trenholm Healy … and all this while Trenholm Healy is suing those owners of ICI (AkzoNobel) for $40 million)

    PARIS Holdings is headed by Stephen McDonald, Rose’s stepson, and director
    Martin Rose, Rose’s son. (p. 3)

    Demo Plus, handles the demolition and remediation of the site. Both companies have offices on-site. The Roses run the operation. (p. 3)

    And did we not have REMAX sitting in on closed council meetings in 2007 and 2008? A company working for the seller (PARIS Holdings) and the buyer for an arena (City of Cornwall)!?!! And Jamie Cameron of ReMax fame …

    And do you know what happened to the poor stiff at the Ministry of Environment that blew the whistle on the danger posed by a chemical industry operation next to a public arena? …he was unceremoniously bounced.

    And our local Sgt Harvey? …more to come on that.

    Problem here? Problems all over really …

    This guy knows a thing or two…
    Peter A. Shadgett
    Detective Inspector
    Ontario Provincial Police
    Criminal Investigation Services
    Anti-Rackets Branch
    (705) 329-6401 (Office)
    (705) 238-7651 (Cell)

  2. Although blessed by fires that did a bit of free demolition (on at least 2 ocassions), Paris Holdings and Sergerie Mechanical were recently fined $110,000 ,and Tim Sergerie got a $6,000 fine for messing with an accident scene (almost like obstructing justice eh?) and they all had to pay another 25% in victim surcharges. This followed their guilty pleas to violations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act that caused injuries to a worker.

    The victim that fell and received critical injuries has never been named publicly (a bit odd).

    “Have there been any “quieting” payments to the fellow?” …one can only wonder.

    And BTW, a Tim Sergerie is now working with Démontage de machinerie International in Chandler QC.

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