Study Suggests Large Breasted Blonde Waitresses Earn More in Tips – Cornwall Ontario – May 8, 2010

Cornwall ON – A study released recently suggested that slim blonde, large breasted waitresses earn more in tips than others; especially dumpy, unattractive, ones that say “youse” and have charming cigarette and whisky phlegm voices going and bad manners.


His results indicate that evolutionary instinct trumps the ideals many patrons profess. Though most customers say they reward service, Lynn reports that quality of service has less than a 2-percent effect on the actual tip.

Instead, he found that waitresses with larger bra sizes received higher tips — as did women with blonde hair and slender bodies.

So I started to think about how I tip and I’m not sure if I agree with this statement or study.

“[Restaurants] might very well want to hire waitresses who will earn larger tips,” Lynn said. “[These employees] can largely be identified through their physical characteristics.”

He acknowledged that such an open policy could offend some people.  In actuality, Lynn noted that many employers already take into account their applicants’ appearances. He referred to the popularity of Hooters and other similar “breastaurants” that openly capitalize on men’s affinity for “attractive” — and in particular, busty — servers.

What an odd take on social engineering.  So what do you think Canada?  Do you tip based on cup size?  Feel free to post your thoughts below.

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  1. “Do you tip based on cup size?”

    My wife says no!…..and for our anniversary today we are going to a restuarant that has ugly waitresses, but waiters with nice tight buns.

  2. Prime consideration for a tip is based on service received. When any server smells, smells of cigarette smoke or has bad breath, that makes me feel uncomfortable and the tip may well be non-existent.

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