So Did you Get Your Freak on With Steven Paul Boone? Internet Hook Ups lead to arrest on Aggravated Sexual Assault in Ottawa Ontario – May 8 2010

Ottawa ON – Steven Paul Boone, aged 29, is in custody, charged with over 7 counts of Aggravated Sexual Assault.


Acting Chief Gilles Larochelle said releasing Boone’s photo is an “extraordinary measure,” but is warranted to ensure all his sexual partners are informed and get medical care.

Under the Criminal Code of Canada, the definition of aggravated sexual assault includes endangerment of life, including exposure to a disease that may endanger life.

In 2008, a Windsor, Ont., man was sentenced to 18 years in prison after being convicted of aggravated assault for knowingly exposing 15 women to HIV, including five who became HIV-positive.

Reports on are multiple media sites across Ontario to try and prevent suffering and spread of disease.

Advice for victims

Police are urging people who have had sexual contact with Boone to:

  • Contact the Ottawa police sex assault unit at 613-236-1222, ext. 5944, or Crime Stoppers at 613-233-8477 (TIPS).
  • Seek medical followup through their own doctor or through Ottawa Public Health, which provides free, anonymous testing for sexually transmitted diseases at 613-580-6744.

You can get more than computer viruses on the Internet if you’re not careful.  What do you think Canada?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. look him up on he likes to infect neg people he’s whats wrong with the gay community. trying to spread a disease that destroys lives.

  2. Bottom Boy, if you are on, you get what you deserve. criminalizing this disease is very wrong, and destroying this person’s life is equally as wrong. If you have bareback sex, you are equally at risk for catching a disease, just as a heterosexual’s are equally as responsible if the woman becomes pregnant. By criminalizing this disease you make everyone who is positive or suspect they are positive not disclose or seek medical help to treat their condition. This whole fiasco has been nothing more than a a witch hunt, and many people act as if it should be made into a public stoning because that’s what it has become. Put yourself in this kids shoes, how would you feel, to be publicly humiliated and shunned by so many strangers and the ones you know, not to mention to already have to live with this horrible disease, have some compassion for another human being, especially when each and every partner he had bareback sex with should be equally at fault.
    You should be treating everyone like they are hiv positive and have every other communicable disease, and use a damn condom, it takes moments to slip one on, bareback sex is EXACTLY what’s wrong with not just the gay community but the heterosexual one too.

  3. Protect yourself, if this guy knowingly transmitted the disease, he should be shot as far as I’m concerned! On bareback or not, he still knows he’s got it. He shouldn’t be on that site knowing he’s got it. And I would give about 25% responsibility to his victims, but 75% to him in all those cases.

    Its hard to have compassion for a diseased bug spreader! And you pinning the blame on everyone on this is just wrong. There has to be an element of trust, and he knowingly broke that trust in his many victims!

  4. This is not the “criminalization” of HIV. That terminology is a load of propoganda from people who are knowingly and willingly going out and infecting people and seeking to avoid responsibility.

    If you look into the entire story, this guy was having unprotected sex with people after continually “assuring” them that he was HIV negative, when he was knowingly positive. He lied. Again and again.

    The “criminal” aspect was his failure to disclose. He knew he had a legal obligation to inform potential partners of his status. He did not. He did not let them make an “informed choice” as to engage in high-risk sex. He knowingly hid the risk. What he did is no different than rape.

    I don’t care what his excuses were (i.e. people won’t sleep with me if they know). He’s right, I wouldn’t sleep with him if I knew – but I also would make sure, even if he told me, that I was protected.

  5. If he knew he was HIV+ then just the act of having unprotected sex with another human being is ATTEMPTED MURDER in my book. If someone contracts the disease from him and goes onto full-blown AIDS then the charge should be updated to FIRST DEGREE MURDER. It was certainly premeditated!

  6. It’s 50/50 in responsibility, they are both adults, and both able to consent to sex that was unsafe. You catch anything deadly or not, its on your head, not just the infected persons. It’s no different than if you have the flu, swine flu, viral pneumonia, or norovirus and do something that infects someone with a compromised immune system, or the elderly and that person died… they had no knowledge of your viral infection, and could do nothing to protect themselves, aside from the usual washing of hands. You as the initial viral carrier are responsible for every person they infected by your logic… I’m sorry, but do you honestly believe that this 18yo victim is telling the truth, and did not only engage in unprotected sex with just him, but with others too. He couldve got infected from any number of sexual partners because the only thing that should be made illegal is unsafe sex unless for the purpose of procreation if you really want people to responsible for their actions. This way both partners pay for being stupid.

  7. Protect yourself, ummmm, no. If he knowingly went and infected people, then as everyone has said so far stands. He lied to them that he was in the clear. Just as an example, you know what DDF stands for right? Drug and Disease Free. That is a term of trust. They are consenting adults indeed, but they were consenting to a lie. Which puts the blame Id say even 90% on him and 10% on them now. I cannot believe you are defending this guy and trying to paint the victims as just as much to blame as him. I am disease free and know I am, I get tested regularly. Not that I don’t use protection because I do. But I like being honest with my parters with 100% certainty. So there is no ambiguity.

    This guy knowingly spread HIV. IF anyone develops AIDS, as mentioned above, he should go up for 1st degree murder because that is most definitely premeditated.

  8. Can you help me find Boone’s profile? (It’s not to set up a date with him. I just wanted to see what he says in his profile.

  9. I met him off of we met up at a bar just not far from the market in Ottawa. When I met him last summer I knew something was not right. I met up with him again, and again knew something was not right again!
    Later on our conversations at the end of the summer he told me that he was HIV+ and that ended everything all together. Others had warned me that he like to bareback or says he is wearing a condom but takes it off during sex without you knowing.

  10. I personally think he has what is coming to him! If not enough!! To hide such a disease and be willing and knowingly give this to someone else is not right! YOU are NOT god Steve! Nor is it in your power or right to sit there and attempt to play god by passing this on!!! You Violate everyone’s right as a human by lying on this topic! Weather condoms are used or not used, it’s still the principle of the lie he told!
    I am an HIV pos man and I would never be able to sit there and lie to someone like this! My family and friends know, so does my hiv neg partner of 2 yrs!! How can Steve live with himself fully knowing he has the potential ability to pass this on to anyone by lying!!
    I can’t even believe PROTECT YOURSELF is sitting here defending this Steve like this! The funny thing is I know who you are protect yourself and as a friendship point of view what you’re saying truly discuses me!
    Steve himself said on his profile on the site that he enjoys seeding neg guys with his pos… In fact here’s a copy and paste exact word for word..
    %100 Vers here.. but can either bottom for a top… or top for a bottom… if that’s the case… neg bois to the front of the to breed neg holes with my poz seed 😛

  11. That last line you quoted there is extremely disturbing. I wonder if he updated that after he got caught so he could try to use that and say he tried to give warning. Im sure the site has a back listing of what time/date certain actions were done. In which case, I’m willing to bet that he changed it after realizing the cat was out of the bag.

    He’s a bug spreader, there have been more than one, but as far as I am concerned, that is 1st degree attempted murder or murder! That is a death sentence basically to be passed on if they ever develop AIDS from it. And to think who his partners may have infected after the fact too, not knowing what displeasurable gift they were left with. The guy is an obvious sicko if he had that posted on his site. Anyone defending him is a sicko too.

    Sorry to hear about your HIV situation Angel. And all the best of health to you in consideration. At least you are considerate to admit it and you give your partner the option of fully knowing what they are getting into. I respect you 100% for that.

  12. You people are so stupid. You believe everything you read. Everything that has been written about Steven has been information given to the newspapers by the person laying the charges against him. Don’t you think it’s weird that the individual claimed he asked Steven every time they had sex if he had HIV? Who does that? You ask a person the first time, not every time. And if you are that worried about it, you don’t have sex with the person. He has never hidden his HIV status from anyone. And is not the type of person to PURPOSEFULLY spread any disease. As for his “bareback” profile, you have no clue if he wrote that himself or not, so stop running your mouths about situations where you only have one side of the story.

    *FYI this is coming from someone who has known him 20 + years. Not some stupid strangers who believe whatever propaganda the media feeds him.

  13. well go ahead “be critical” what has your 20+ experiece with steve taught you? I’ve known him for sometime and he always seemed to be a very unstable person. A number of people on witnessed him saying that he wanted to execute every male escort in Ottawa about 2 months ago.

  14. Be Critical! I have knowen Steve for 10+ yrs myself.. if anything I have seen him act non normal ways several times! The guy has an unstable balance, not only myself but several friends have witnessed him saying that he wants to infect people to show them that Hiv is not as bad as people thinks! This is where the old saying comes in to effect “You really don’t know someone like you think you do”.
    Again I myself have Hiv, but I have always told someone before even considering to sleep with them about my hiv status.. It’s a matter of having the decent respect and concern of others personal well being.. My partner is Hiv Neg and he has the full option on this.. But one thing I take control of, is the fact of protection and making sure his safety is number one priority..
    Steve is taking the lives of others into his own hands and denying them the right of having to choose. Before I met my partner, no matter how many times I may of slept with the same person, yes I have always asked about there hiv situation, You know why? Cause situations can change in a blink of an eye, such as the 18 yrs old Steve infected purposely.. As for his profile.. Here’s a link to his bareback account, now no one has the option to change his info on there unless he’s given them the password to his account… So to defend him like this makes me sick to my stomach!

  15. Is this the guy that works for Ornge formerly Ontario Air Ambulance?

  16. Does anyone know how long he’s been infected?

  17. Yeah he has worked at Ornge also at Boarders and Crossings for the Government in 2009.
    The amount of people he has slept with is at least AT LEAST the last two years. Like Angel said he knew and purposely. When I met up with him I should of asked questions…I should of went to the police then..could of saved the young men..I AM PISSED ABOUT THIS!

  18. Clandestine sex always has consequences

  19. …he has been infected for about 3+ years atleast. HE HAS CRIMINAL INTENT.
    And if you are on those sites such as BAREBACK you get what you want on there. I am not sticking up for the guy but again if you are on the site it is your duty to DUE DILIGENT. Another words why go on there and bareback with someone that has aids and then goto the police..again I am not sticking up for the guy..he has problems yes..

    People need to think before they go onto these sites and sit down and really THINK of what they are getting into. It is more then just pleasure or the eroticness of the activity.
    You need to read:
    *What is safe?
    *What are the factors?
    *Who can I talk to about these issues?
    *What is need to protect myself?
    * Use safe words?
    * Play within limits….it is YOU that needs to wake up..
    Have fun and play safe.

  20. it doesn’t matter so what you’re saying is that it matters

  21. I was his room mate so this whole thing has been crazy. I feel overwhelmed with guilt and not for Steve..

  22. Sorry to hear that Room Mate. If you are potentially another victim, you should contact the appropriate authorities as well.

  23. Hey Room Mate! I am sorry to hear and can just imagine how/what you’re going through. I can only imagine what people must be asking you! Even tho you really don’t have much to do with this situation! But being a roommate to someone in this type of situation one can only think of how the media or anyone else is hitting you with tons of questions..
    Don’t feel guilty for this situation tho, there’s nothing you could of done! No one could know the situation to which was going on, unless Steve spoke up about it.. You can’t control one’s intentions in situations which you don’t know! It’s to bad things have to come to a degree like this, when actions could of been taken to prevent this! yes I agree in the sense that it does take to to tangle and there both responsible for using protection, but when you’re with someone on more then one occasion, a trust comes into effect and you accept that this person is being honest with you. I don’t agree on what Steve did and lied about this issue.. To which justice will take effect (what goes around, comes around).
    People have to start realizing tho we’re in stage of generation where trust is not something you go by these days when it comes to unprotected sex. No matter how well you know someone, you still have to wear a condom! trust me, I know! I learnt the hard way! Weather it be a friend, a partner, or sex buddy. ALWAYS keep your safety in mind and protect yourself. Even if you trust the person!

  24. I am in no way standing up for what Steven did, what he did was wrong, sick, and completely humiliating towards the victims and their respective families. I do feel however, we should ask ourselves what a 17-year-old boy is doing on the computer sleeping with a grown nearly 30-year-old man, at 17 you should be nowhere near the computer on web-sites that cater to “hooking” up. Clearly if he had to ask several times thought-out the relationship if Steve was ”HIV free” he had some self doubt towards Steve’s character as well. Again l want to stress what Steve did was wrong, but what this 17 year-old kid did alarms me. We need to educate our youth on the dangers of meeting someone over the internet, and the risks that are involved with ever encounter. Our cities ‘gay youth’ need to understand that its not cute to go and “hook-up” with GROWN men, they do not fully understand what they are getting into. This young boy, needs to be educated on what happens when you make “grown-up” choices, you have to live with the grown up outcome.

  25. That SOB Should get Life with the possiblity of parole. I hope he suffers in prison for the rest of his gay ass life.

  26. Have you ever tried to reason with a 17-year old? They will argue that they know all the answers and don’t want to listen to you. It’s too bad that these youngsters don’t want to benefit by listening to the voice of experience. It’s so sad!
    Boone will probably be incarcerated as a “Dangerous Offender” and will spend the rest of the days he has left in prison, where I’m sure he will try to infect other prisoners. In this case a 45-cent bullet would be money well spent!

  27. I am sorry GUY but I have to disagree with you…As far has I know 17 I still a child and Steve Boone failed to tell his real age in may situations….I first hand know that…At work he was fired because he threaten and conspired to kill me and the HR manager due to not getting a promotion…the man is mental and wouldn’t let it go….

    What’s happened is no surprise to me…I think everyone can identify with a confused 17 year old who accidentally mets a physco who prays on the young and fragile… We all we doing things that were considered “dangerous” at that age

    Look at the ages off all that are accusing him and then say the 17 year old had a part in this. The fact that he was on shopping for his victims is why I agree that a 45 cent bullet is best lol

    People that try and make excuses for this behavior end up being the reason why sex offenders get let out of jail after serving 6 months.

  28. I have FIRST hand info regarding this case – Steven Paul Boone is a sick f**K!!!!!!! This was a GAME to him – he was trying to infect as many ppl as possible with HIV. Him and the other guy from K-W….they were in it together – infecting ppl all the while assuring them they were neg! their motto was “when life gives you lemons – it’s more fun to throw them at other ppl”!
    I feel sorry for all their victims who participated in sex thinking they were safe (relatively – but who of us hasn’t had unprotected sex at one time or another in our life, gay or straight???) The ppl that I feel most sorry for are the wives of the down-low husbands who hooked up with Steven Paul Boone!!!! Cause those cheating bastards brought HIV back to their wives who in NO WAY agreed to participate in any sexual act with this monster that would expose them to this virus!!!!! Steven Paul Boone is a murderer plain and simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. so, i talked to this steve boone person about 4 years ago online and he disclosed to me that he was HIV pos… i think the reason he told me was that we were starting to really like each other and he wanted to be honest with me about who he was… he actually stopped talking to me due to nerves about it, i wanted to pursue a friendship with him but wasn’t sure about a relationship… but he was honest with me. it disgusts me that he behaved the way that’s characterized here… but i believe from how unstable the guy seemed to be back then that he would be capable of this.
    either way, he KNEW and I know that he knew he was positive back in 2007…… so this guy is guilty as charged.

  30. Although I did have sexual relations with Mr. Boone, the only reason I did not contract HIV from him was because I refused anal sex, because he refused to be safe… I had asked prior if he was clean, he quickly replied “yes”. I felt assured but still uneasy, and as we had started I still asked him to be safe. He refused. So did I. He has another court date on Monday June 6, in Ottawa on 2 counts of probation breaches, one count aggravated assault, and one count sexual assualt.

    I just people to realize that not all of the people mentioned are ignorant when it comes to safer sex.

    Think about it!

  31. He is a monster!

  32. is a site which is risky to begin with, YOU also have a responsibility to YOU, I was knowingly infected by the Son of a very large coffee company here in Canada, is anybody going to arrest him ?

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