Letter to the Editor – Russell Barth – RE: Project Paradigm Nabs Marijuana Haul in North Lancaster Ontario – May 9, 2010

To The Editor, RE: Project Paradigm Nabs Marijuana Haul in North Lancaster Ontario

269 budding marijuana plants, 600 harvested plants, 25 pounds of bud, blah blah frickin’ blah. This is a drop in an ocean. Worse than that, every bust, big or small, is a subsidy to the 95% of growers and dealers who will never be caught.

The cops are subsidizing the very thing they claim to be fighting in an effort to broaden their powers and expand their budgets. Prohibition is a make-work scam for cops who are too stupid, lazy, or fat to be security guards.

Russell Barth

Federally Licensed Medical Marijuana User

Drug Reform Analyst and Consultant

Educators for Sensible Drug Policy

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  1. On the Contrary, the Conservatives will always get my vote for extraditing criminals like this, I hope he is in jail a long time, while were at it, I wouldn’t mind seeing Mr. Barth behind bars too for promoting brain damage to young people.

  2. Theres marijuana in grade schools now, thanks to slime like Marc Emery et al. As it becomes more prevalent, how will children be able to learn anything? Oh, wait a moment, I forgot. We live in a free country.

  3. One day, your turn can come at this point Mr. Little. Whats to stop the US from entering our country and just take random citizens away now? This was an issue of our sovereignty, and now they (government), just took it up the wazoo for Canada yet again. This could have been prosecuted here. The government outsourced it to another government to handle their problem basically. And that move was a real slap in the face to Canadians as a whole. I was even speaking to friends in the US about this yesterday, and they all said this has no reason to be in the US except for political reasons. So you are basically giving the US and our government the rights to just do what they want with random citizens of our country. And you don’t have a problem with that? Our government has just let a foreign entity dictate how things will be handled when we already have laws covering what was done up here!

  4. Mr. Grimalot,

    Simple enough solution to this problem, don’t be a criminal and/or involved in drugs and the U.S. will leave you alone, were not talking about random citizens being kidnapped and taken to the States, he brought it on himself and he will get what’s coming to him!

  5. Just wait and see John. This is only the tip of the iceberg!

  6. John, Canada is not the 51st state,…………………………..yet.

  7. Do you Value Compassion over Profit?

    What, if not love and compassion, are the inner realities that make us human? Are they not peace, contentment, and simple joy?

    Let us, for the sake of greed, strip one of compassion; indoctrinate him to such a degree that he loses his ability to think critically; force him to be violent against people he doesn’t know through economic pressure, and place him in circumstances where stress, violent tendencies, anger and seething hatred become his inner state year after year until he is ready to kill without thinking or feeling.

    Some may conclude that he now qualifies as criminally insane and should be locked away never to be afforded the chance to harm another human being.

    Others may conclude he is a hero and ought to be given trinkets or medals for such outstanding behaviour as long as he kills those that get in the way of corporate objectives; installing oil pipelines, securing heroin routes for black ops and the other blood soaked plunder the corporations/defacto governments feel entitled to in their psycho-pathological quest of destruction of other peoples and nations.

    In the first case greed is personal and when one tries to appease it through violence he is categorized as criminal.

    In the second case the greed is pooled together amongst the financial elite when they meet (Builderburg, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, etc.) to conspire to kill and plunder totally unlawfully; yet afforded the security of those sworn to uphold the law and by some stroke of magic their murdering madman becomes not criminally insane but a soldier and a hero. Do uniforms and medals make the slaughter and destruction of others acceptable?

    Well not according to me!

    Canada the country and its people (not the Corporation) prides itself as a country founded on the principles of Law, which clearly state it is unlawful for anyone to kill another human being. That is the law of the land.

    How then, I ask, can CANADA the Corporation/Government train people to kill, have them kill on their behalf, and not be subject to the consequences of breaking that law?

    It sounds like huge clouds of cognitive dissonance have swallowed up the minds of the people. How can this be allowed to continue?

    Those returning from conflict know of the stench of lies they swallowed before they left. Many have sacrificed their lives because of lies, other have lost limbs, suffer brain injury, PTSD, but worse is what has happened to their own souls. It is in the face of such realizations that many choose suicide as a way out. Unfortunately that is not an out. They commit suicide believing another lie which is that death will put an end to the pain, guilt, shame fear, anguish, anger and other demons that haunt them. It does not.

    Rebirth for such a soul will be one laced with suffering. That is the law, a law that cannot be escaped whether or not one is wearing a uniform.

    So how do we help these misguided souls who have unwillingly offered themselves up to a pathetically callous elite?

    We have to handle them with care. We have to apply with compassion the knowledge and healing modalities we know help alleviate the toxic emotional hell these vets are expected to live in quietly. We have to oppose the status quo on their behalf for many are no longer able to oppose anything. We have to find our lost sense of compassion and step forward with a willingness to take positive action.

    They will have to begin the process of forgiving themselves so that they may one day ask the same of God.

    Grace is the one Divine factor that can influence the exacting law of Karma. One must go within to find it. It is the calling of the loving and the compassionate to facilitate this healing process so that they can begin the journey back to feeling and acting human again.

    Suppressing the emotional hell due to pressures from the military brass will change nothing. They have their marching orders from the corporations whose only reality is the bottom line – humanity be damned.

    We have to rescue these souls who are hidden and kept insulated from exposure to the light of our compassion. We cannot accept the highway of death with the broken bodies of our loved ones; for it is not acceptable, nor will it ever be.

    Violence can only be justified to keep the peace, and protect the weak. It cannot be allowed to be hijacked by the criminal elite for the sake of profits.

    I want our people back. I want my country back. I want my freedoms back. I want our humanity back! Do you not feel the same?


    Donald-Darrel: Forsyth

  8. I support the legalization of marijuana as I see it no more harmful then alcohol. Both will shorten your life and that is your choice to make. However, one of the effects of marijuana use is paranoia and from this letter all the signs are there. Police don’t need to chase you around to find things to do. The police I have spoke with would have no problem with legalization of marijuana. There are other things the police would like to spend their time on.

    I also believe that the tax revenue gained from legal marijuana would help reduce the tax load on the rest of us. Instead of pot smokers costing the tax payers money in the form of increased health care and law enforcement costs they would start helping by contributing to the country financially and also be able to smoke pot without fear of arrest.

    I would like to see more research into the medical use of marijuana. There has been no extensive studies on dosage and what illnesses can benefit from it. The biggest problem we face is that every pot smoker, like my step-son, feels they are an expert in it’s use and take every opportunity to spout information that is no more then hear-say. Finally, I would like to see more facts on the good side of pot. And, I want it from a reliable source and not a self proclaimed expert.

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