Squatters Rights: Local Poverty Activist Takes to the Streets for the Cause by Markus Noé – Cornwall Ontario – May 11, 2010

Squatters Rights: Local Poverty Activist Takes to the Streets for the Cause by Markus Noé

Cornwall ON – Warning! From May 17th to May 22nd Cornwall will have Reggie Walker roaming its back alleys, parks, and garbage dumpsters. Actually there is nothing to fear, Reggie Walker is in fact City Councilor candidate Gary Samler.  Samler will be living as if he were homeless for 120 hours next week to raise poverty awareness throughout the community.

In a brief statement that Samler prepared he explains why at 54 he will be putting himself through such a grueling experience, “This is not just some publicity stunt for me, but as I see it, it will be an exciting and educational challenge for me to face in my life.”  Samler continues to explain himself when he said, “I decided to give 120 hours of my life to better understand their situation and the issues they may face everyday. By deepening my understanding of their issues, as a local poverty activist I can better do my part to help the most vulnerable and needy of our citizens.”

While living on the streets of this fine town, Samler states that he will not be seeking any outside assistance throughout his adventure. However he will accept donations to survive.

At the end of his journey he hopes to share his experience with the media, healthcare providers and policy makers.

So its up to you Cornwall, would you like to put us to work and see some frontline journalism? If the public wants the CFN can track down Gary Samler A.K.A Reggie Walker and have daily reports to see how he’s doing? Throughout the five days that Samler is homeless he will not only be battling the climate and searching for food, but he will be living without his diabetes medication. Samler is holding nothing back and will be sacrificing all the comforts of his normal day to day life to shed a little light on a topic that rarely gets discussed.

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  1. A daily report peeks my interest.
    I just hope that the lack of his diabetes medication is justified by the desired result.

  2. It will be interesting to read your reports. I would be interested in knowing truthfully,……….. how our local police force deals with him. Most police departments have a poor history dealing with the homeless and the less fortunate.

  3. Keep emergency insulin. Thats the advice I have. Don’t put yourself in a nasty medical situation. But I like what you’re doing Mr. Samler.

  4. It’s election time this fall…who do you want to vote for, a man who stands up fpr the poor and less fortunate, or a man (Rivette) who wants to make an extra 5 grand a year? It’s an easy decision for me.

  5. Look forward to reading the articles. I would be interested in contributing some images to this piece. They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

  6. I wish you all the best Gary.

    But do you honestly think it will provide any insight into what is already obvious?

    Now that this is all over the news and already public knowledge do any of you think the police would do anything to cause themselves further pressure? willie I mean really give it some thought

    As well does this Samler guy really feel the need to step in a pile of doo before he knows it has to be cleaned up?

    You are a true political representative of the future. You walk amongst the needy with your head held a little too high.

    You have an easy way out!

  7. This story just hit national attention. Mr. Samler is currently being interviewed on CBC Radio as I am writing. Congratulations Marcus for bring us this story and good luck Gary on you adventure in poverty. The country is now watching.

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