View From the Hill by Keith Beardsley – Helena Guergis: Stand By Your Man – May 11, 2010 Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON- It was good theatre. I am referring of course to the Helena Guergis interview on TV. The script played out exactly as one would have expected with a calm, at times teary eyed Guergis defending herself, her reputation and her husband. The only thing missing was “Stand by your Man” playing in the background.

There is no doubt in my mind that a lot of this story has been over exaggerated by both the media and opposition attacks. In the end the truth will be a watered down version of what the public has been exposed to so far. But, that is life in politics.

There were some points that are interesting if true. Was she told the actual reasons her career as a cabinet minister was terminated? If she hasn’t been told the precise detailed reasons then that would be unfair. Everyone  deserves to face their accuser or at least see the facts. On that point we only have her viewpoint as there were only two people on that phone call.

Her comment that “I’m hurt by the PM” won’t get much sympathy in Conservative ranks that look at what Guergis and Jaffer have put the party through for several weeks now.  It will play out one more time when the two of them testify together before a parliamentary committee.  That in itself is an interesting move that has a lot of people perplexed.

Guergis also says that she is not ready to give up her political career. Good luck on resurrecting it, but stranger things have happened in politics before.

Guergis stated that “I feel as though they’ve thrown the rule books out the window, that they’re not respecting due process at all. I find it very undemocratic.”

Back on April 9th I predicted that kicking her out of caucus was the first step to making sure Guergis couldn’t run for them again and that it set up a scenario where another candidate could be nominated. That is exactly what has happened. Has it taken her this long to see the light? In politics you win or lose. Every seat counts and someone has decided she can’t win hers and she has to be replaced.

Of course there are whispers that it had to be done because of the threat of an imminent election. Interesting, but I don’t see a huge push to nominate candidates in other ridings across the country. Even if an election was called today, the party can put candidates in place pretty quickly.

We haven’t seen the last of this issue or of Helena Guergis. I smell a law suit down the road and a lot more negative publicity.

Keith Beardsley is a senior strategist for True North Public Affairs in Ottawa, as well as a blogger and political analyst. He can often be found running or cycling on his favorite bike trails.

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  1. Had her husband just taken the DUI and possession of cocaine charge, everything would have been fair, and justice would of been served. King Stephen had no choice. Jaffer made the the tough on crime conservatives look like monkeys.

  2. The only party without a scandal is the NDP.

  3. Yeah right! Taliban Jack. Bob Rae was a scandal in himself!

  4. Yep, and a lot more wasted taxpayer money spent on yet again, government created hooplah, if any lawsuit happens anyways.

  5. history tells us that Bob Rae is a Liberal in NDP clothing.

  6. Actually Willie, Bob Rae is a NDP’er in Liberal clothing today. They’ll do anything for power.

  7. Helena Guergis got the soft treatment from host Mansbridge that’s for sure.

    He didn’t even raise an eybrow at the over-the-top, dramatically twisted and tortured, nearly sobbing-out-loud act, that couldn’t quite produce a tear (not even moist eyes or the most meagre trickle of snot) …what a big fake.

    There was little about what really brought things to a head ..the embarrassment posed to Harper by her husbands freakish deliverence from drunk driving and cocaine possession convictions, her own self important outburst at airport employees (where are the Tasers when you need them?), and her ridiculous assertion that she stays at home and works, HA!! …she has frittered away more money on travel — and junkets around the world or to her “homeland’ — than you can shake a stick at.

    And her most ridiculous assertion that she thought of Harper as a friend …for crying out loud, he didn’t even know how to pronounce her name (and that says something about the importance that Harper puts on cabinet ministers).

    Poor little rich girl, she’s getting a full pension after only six years on the Hill (just like our own Lauzon)

  8. Well said Flipper!

  9. Sorry Flipper, there were no tasers. She’s not Polish!

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