20 minutes avec le lion d’Outremont, MP Thomas Mulcair – samedi 15 mai – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – I spent most of the day yesterday in Ottawa and had the opportunity to visit Parliament where I bumped into The Lion of Outremont, Mr. Thomas Mulcair, NDP MP.     Mr. Mulcair is one of the most intriguing politicians in Canada today having achieved something akin to what the Philadelphia Flyers did last night in coming back from 3 games to 0 vs The Boston Bruins and winning 4 straight.

For those of you not too familiar with Mr. Mulcair he was a long time Liberal MLA in Quebec who left Mr. Charest’s government (how’s that for timing) to join Mr. Layton and run in a Federal Liberal Bastien that had been held for over 30 years.

He not only won the by-election, but retained the seat for the NDP.    Now partisan politics all aside that’s quite the feat and now as the NDP’s Quebec Lieutenant he’s the man responsible for raising the seat total for his party in a province that’s never quite seen Orange.

Another task that could even be compared to running in Outremont ?   As a former Quebecer I can tell you that we Quebecer’s love winners.  We love passion; even in our politics, and respect strength.   It should be a very interesting time in Quebec come the next election.    I want to thank Mr. Mulcair for his time and showing me some of the sights on Parliament Hill where I gave him my Team Cornwall card!

Speaking of election calls it looks like Mr. Harper staved off another call as an agreement was made regarding the Afghanistan detainee disclosure crisis.


The 11th-hour compromise reached Friday stipulates that a small committee of MPs from all parties will review unfiltered versions of Canadian government records on this country’s handling of Afghan prisoners. These contain information that federal government lawyers have previously withheld on the grounds they could harm national security.

Final say over precisely what secrets on detainees can be made public – without harming national security – will rest with a three-person panel of outside arbiters selected jointly by the Conservatives, Liberals, NDP and Bloc Québécois.

What do you think about this Afghan Detainee mess Canada?  Feel free to post your comments below.

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  1. My opinion is that it’s been a tempest-in-a-teacup. An absolute waste of money for us. After all, who really gives a damn about who knew what, when they knew it, why they knew it, how they knew it, if they should have known it, if they should have told someone, why they didn’t tell someone. Politicians have just basked in the sun for all of us to see (free advertising for the next election) and it’s going to cost us millions of dollars for that.

  2. The Afghan disclosure agreement now sets a precedent for Libby Davies to get on to the next document in question which is the six thousand blacked out pages of mail and email regarding Marc Emery and the Marijuana Party.

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