Rock For Charity 3 a Blast! A good time had by all at Cafe Connectionz in Cornwall Ontario – May 15, 2010

Cornwall ON – It may not look large from the outside, but it was a stadium on the inside last night as Rock for Charity raised money for the third time for a local charity at Cafe Connectionz.   Pennies add up to dollars and over 20,000 pennies were raised for the Cornwall Regional Art Gallery.

Sara Murphy

Organizer Jason Setnyk put together an amazing array of talent for Rock for Charity 3 including Craig Loney & Jake Van Noy, Kings Bishop, Sara Murphy, and head liner Graham Greer who sang some songs from his latest self-titled album.

As a long time concert goer, small venues are always the best and most informal.   I remember seeing the late and great Jeff Healey at a bar just north of Montreal and was mesmerized as I was close enough to get flicked by his sweat as he flailed away on that hot summer evening.

Last night the talent was strong across the board, but Graham Greer belted out song after song with affable charm and banter having the crowd howling for more.   Mr. Greer was also announced as an act for the Kinsmen Cornwall 2010 Lift-Off Festival that takes place July 8-11 in Lamoureaux Parc!

Even owners Chris and Cristina Weidner got into the beat after a long day of serving their customers.   Cornwall Ontario City Councilor and Federal Liberal Candidate Bernadette Clement was there for the whole concert as well taking a break from her hectic pace.


Musical excerpts from the evening.


We broadcast live from the event on too!  Rock for Charity 4 will be in June and we’ll be updating you as events unfold.


  1. A lot more than 2000 pennies ($20) were raised… more like 23,500 pennies.. or $235.

  2. And that’s why I’ll never become an accountant! Good catch Jason! And congrats for a great event and the money raised!

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