Two Meals, Two Different Worlds – Editorial – Nobody Should be Hungry or Homeless in This Day and Age – Cornwall Ontario – May 20, 2010

Cornwall ON – Today for lunch at the Agapé food bank the menu du jour was a vegetable soup, some cooked ham, scalloped potatoes, some white bread with hydrogenated margarine, coffee, and cold rice pudding.   For $1 it’s a deal.  Many of the packed room eating didn’t have to pay.    The space was crowded and the mood mixed.

The Agapé centre feeds a lot of people daily.    In addition they give out food baskets, and work their food bank.

They’re always short of volunteers and of course always need more donations to the food bank.

Poverty is horrible.    People being hungry in this day is just plain wrong and totally unacceptable.

We can blame those that need services.  We can blame society; but to me what’s important are the possible solutions.

I want to thank “Reggie Walker” for introducing me so closely to this issue here in Cornwall and to City Councilor Mark MacDonald who’s also taken a personal interest in this issue.

Cornwall isn’t as bad as a lot of other places, but there’s still a lot more that can be done.   For more information contact the Agapé centre.

Why am I writing this?

Because I’m a very lucky person and like they say “therefore but the grace of God”.

Tonight I attended the Chamber of Commerce mixer.   It was a totally lovely evening.    Beautiful location that Schnitzels.   There was free wine sampling; free beer sampling; some totally amazing chicken wings, and really good pizza.    A cheese plate with fresh large grapes, fresh veggie trays with dips.  And of course a lovely huge cake to celebrate the evening.

I was saddened as this was out of reach for almost all of those I encountered today at lunch.   Again, in this day and age nobody should go without healthy food, & shelter.

Don’t get me wrong.   I don’t blame a single soul at that mixer tonight.  I can tell you that these people help pay for the Agapé and Cornwall does a terrific job of pulling together to help each other.

No, this is a societal issue, and there are many questions to answer to ever make things better.

In the meanwhile, for tonight, as I still feel full from the food and good cheer, I feel grateful for all that I have and can do on this tiny blue marble we all share.

Tomorrow many of the same people I saw today at lunch will be back again for their $1 or free lunch.   We need a better way.

For more information about The Agapé Centre visit their website, call them (613-938-9297) or visit them at their location on 40 5th Street West.

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  1. So very true. I remember 30 years ago when all levels of government stood up and said we will fight poverty. However, it was politicians who made those comments.

  2. Yes and 30 years ago they made sure that they would never be hungry or homeless in the future. Thats why today they have salaries of $150k and more.

  3. Hunger and homelessness are necessary for the ruling class to thrive and increase its wealth. Without the threat of starvation or freezing to death, people wouldn’t work endless hours at minimum wage just to scrape by.

  4. The Ontario NDP want CEO’s of provincial institutions to make less than 500,000 a year. In some cases that would mean 1 to 300,000 available for worthy causes like hunger.
    The province is getting enough of our money, it is just not spent well!

    Time to dig out the Mazlow chart Furtz. LOL

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