RBC Branch Bombed By Activists by Markus Noé – Ottawa Ontario May 20, 2010

RBC Branch Bombed By Activists-Ottawa by Markus Noé

Ottawa ON – At approximately 3:30 am Tuesday morning an indigenous activist group known as (FFFC-Ottawa) made a public announcement. This statement came in the form of a firebomb that destroyed the entrance of a RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) branch office located on the corner of Bank & First in the “Glebe” part of downtown Ottawa.

This Al-Qaeda like attack was brought on because of the FFFC’s disgust with a series of RBC sponsored events. However the main issues plaguing this group of activists are the bank’s contribution to the 2010 Olympics and their continued financial support of the Alberta Tar Sands.

A home made video which can be seen at httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5RiRuo5R38 not only outlines the FFFC platforms but also shows them planting the bomb and barely escaping the burning building.

The issues with the 2010 Olympics in the words of the FFFC are “the Royal Bank of Canada was a major sponsor of the recently concluded 2010 Olympics on stolen indigenous land. This land was never legally ceded to the colonial British Columbia. This hasn’t stopped the government from assuming full ownership of the land for the benefit of its corporate masters and to the detriment to the aboriginal peoples.”

The FFFC issue with the tar sands is how the RBC presents itself has a “green corporation, but on the other hand is also a huge contributor to the tar sand project. These pollution pits are projected to increase to seven times its current size in the coming years according to a stat presented in the video.

Many valid points are brought up in this video which explains the FFFC’s actions. However do these points give the FFFC the right to commit acts of terror? It will be interesting how the Harper government will treat this incident while utilizing their “tough on crime” policies.

This will be especially intriguing during the upcoming G20 summit in Toronto on June 26-27 and the G8 summit near Huntsville, Ont., June 25-26 which the FFFC have already stated they will be attending both.

What is your opinion on this attack on the RBC?

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  1. Honestly, there are more rational and passive methods to getting your story into the media. Destroying private property is a great way to label your group as a bunch of irate terrorists, not activists. On the other hand, I am interested in quite a few of the statements made in the video and would pay more attention to this cause if the facts were laid out for me to judge, rather than a bunch of blatant statements made.

  2. SJN – I would tend to agree with you SJN. There’s too much violence and hate in this world. I’ve always thought that if you couldn’t communicate the values of your point then your point probably isn’t that strong. That being said Sean Connery once said in a movie ” ….bringing a knife to a gun fight….”

    Hopefully nobody was hurt in this fire and hopefully better communication can evolve. I agree with you that there are points of merit, but fire bombing banks probably isn’t the long term solution. And the bank is insured which means that in a tiny way we all pay because the more money insurance companies pay out the more we all pay for insurance.

  3. So, how much credibility do they have now? Zero in my opinion. No one cares what their viewpoint is after such an attack. The only thing that people will be thinking is…they’re no less terrorists than the Taliban. They have brough terrorisom into our own backyard. No one is going to listen to their “message” whatever it is, because an act of violence only proves what they really are. Thug terrorists.

    I’ll never get the point of murder or mayhem to prove something. So, you’re worried about the homeless…but yet, you’ll make sure innocent people may not make it home because they were blown up in their bomb. Does that make any sense? Take a life to spare a life. Nonsense…

  4. Terrorist get the attention of politicians. Activist are cordoned off by security using force on the demonstrators. I often feel a revolt is the only way to get action in this country anymore.

  5. See this is exactly why the customs building on the island last year had to be abandoned.

  6. No Glassbowl. I think if you look at it more closely it’s the opposite of your thesis.

  7. Could be foreign spooks.

  8. Since FFFC are anonymous and nobody seems to know who the actual people are, how can we be sure that they represent what they say they represent? Maybe their aim is to discredit lawful and reasonable voices of protest. Who has the most to gain from heightened security at the G20 summit? If people who “claim responsibility” won’t allow themselves to be identified and held accountable, why should we TRUST anything they say or believe their stated intentions at face value? C’mon people, wake up!

  9. Indigenous activist group ? I’ll be surprised if any of them are indigenous.

  10. The banking industry supports the wealthy while exploiting the poor. This must be stopped. Awareness is the first step. More people are aware this week than last. Job done.

    This was not a murderous attack, nor was it similar to Al Qaeda or the Taliban. Let’s leave the hyperbole to Fox News. It was clearly a late night attack on an unoccupied bank.

    The real question is this: When banks control pretty much everything, how do we return the balance of power to the people? Letter writing campaigns? Complain to your MP?

    Maybe I support the bombers and maybe I don’t, but I do think it’s nice to someone in this apathetic, complacent country standing up and doing something tangible.

  11. SUSPICIOUS may be onto something. It’s a common ploy with the power axis of the day (the “tough-on-crime” crowd in this case?) to consolidate their hold on power by staging a destructive incident and making it look like the work of a lunatic fringe.

  12. I can not imagine the “stolen” Indian land not being compensated for in some manner. There is no victimless crime here, people who pay into the insurance company will pay the bill because of no fault of their own.
    Workers and branch users will be affected from a loss of service and people who live nearby will feel less than safe for a while. Maybe the construction industry will make a few bucks.

    Rodney Vander Veer, as your leader Mr McGuinty about the HST, ” you can write letters to the editor”, but we can see how that helped.

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