500 Cartons, 4,450 Bags, boats, 1000kg cut tobacco, and more – Cornwall Regional Task Force Makes Major Illegal Cigarette Bust – May 31, 2010

Cornwall ON – What a waste of a great looking spot and boat.  Looks like the Cornwall Regional Task Force was at it again!


On May 30th, 2010, officers from the Cornwall Regional Task Force (CRTF) executed a search warrant at a residence located close to the St. Lawrence River on 69th Avenue in South Glengarry, Ontario.  Officers seized the following items located on the property:

• 3 vessels described as a duck boat with a Mercury 200 outboard motor, an aluminum Princecraft Springbok boat with an electric motor, and an aluminum fishing boat with a Evinrude E-TEC 40 motor
• 4,450 assorted re-sealable bags and cartons each containing 200 contraband cigarettes
• 500 cartons of Tomahawk Brand Little Cigars Made in AMT grape and vanilla flavours
• 1,027 kilograms of fine cut tobacco that were contained in a total of 55 garbage bags
• 4 surveillance cameras located on various buildings on the property
• 1 set of Night Owl brand night vision goggles
• 1 ultraviolet light counterfeit money detector
• 1Accubanker AB 1000 money counter machine
• 1 Uniden Truncktracker IV police radio scanner
• 1 Lorex video surveillance switch box

During the search a 41 year old male resident from Cornwall, Ontario and who was renting the property, was arrested.  He faces Excise Act 2001 charges for possession of a tobacco product not properly stamped and was released to appear court on a later date.

Also during the search officers located and arrested 45 year old Ian Gordon Conklin from Augusta, Ontario who was hiding in the attic.  He is currently being held for a bail hearing and was charged for possession of a tobacco product not properly stamped. Conklin also was arrested for outstanding arrest warrants with the Grenville Ontario Provincial Police for 9 charges involving offences under the Controlled Drug and Substances Act including conspiracy and trafficking cocaine.

Both individuals also face a charge under authority of the Tobacco Tax Act for possession of the unstamped tobacco product.  This was a criminal organization that was set up in our region to make huge profits from criminal activity.  Residents living along the St. Lawrence River have complained to police about the illicit contraband smuggling that continues to increase and the CRTF is addressing those complaints.

If anyone observes suspicious activity they may contact the CRTF at 613-937-2800 or contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.


  1. Meanwhile, you could walk out on the streets of the city and buy cocaine, exstacy, crack etc.

  2. But this stuff is taxable! The other drugs are not. It’s all about money willie.

  3. The guy arrested is a Cocaine Drug trafficker what else do you want Willie. He has 9 charges against him and he was using tobacco to finance his drug trafficking. Can’t you see it is hand in hand. It is organized crime at its best. Seizure included money counting machines, night vision goggles, surveillance equipment. This was high tech. Give me a break that you see this as a minimum crime.

  4. There is only mention of past criminal activity. If they hit the payload of hard drugs, then it is time and money well spent.

  5. Breaking the law makes it a crimes…many illegal Middle Easterner’s in the U.S.have been smuggling
    cigarettes from N.C. to Michigan, NY, etc. for years. Only a few get caught and convicted..our agents often cut un-necessar deals letting them walk the streets continuing their crimes.

  6. Yeah, but the only reason it is organized crime at the moment and any crime groups are making headway is because of the ludicrous taxes to begin with! Drop the taxes, legalize Marijuana, and watch the blow it dishes to organized crime after. And if Mexico and the US got in on it with Canada, it would be even a bigger major blow, especially to the southern Cartels!

    You gotta chop off the balls from the organized crime groups to be able to stop them. The fastest way they can easily get money is off Tobacco and Marijuana. Take those out of the loop and then everything else is streamlined after for busts. It would be nice to see all major busts being about Cocaine, Meth, Heroin, etc. the hard stuff basically. And our money would be better used in serving those purposes.

  7. Drugs are drugs are drugs! They are all drugs! Why are we making excuses for drugs?

  8. Tell that to Jaffer with his COCAINE!!! 😀 I wonder how much of the rest of government and they’re employees are bombed on different stuff.. I bet stuff much harsher than Marijuana. They should drug test all of government and all the employees of government, would be quite interesting to see the results! While they’re at it, they should also get to audit all the MPs!

  9. Concerned Citizen: Many other drugs are sold legally. From the Aspirin you buy at the drug store to the caffeine in your morning coffee. Some use them to get boners, some to sleep at night. Some like there nicotine and some like there alcohol.

    We use drugs EVERYDAY. Pot is proven next to harmless, especially when beside booze and smokes. Not one death has EVER been attributed to marijuana use. EVER.

  10. Marijuana use is much more dangerous that believed and hundreds of young people die each year in “accidents” caused by their prolonged use of the drug, according to Britain’s most senior coroner.
    Hamish Turner, the president of the Coroners’ Society, said that the marijuana, often portrayed as harmless, has increasingly been the cause of deaths that have been reported as accidents or suicides. “Cannabis is as dangerous as any other drug and people must understand that it kills,” said Mr Turner. “From my long experience I can say that it is a very dangerous substance. Increasingly it is mentioned not only as the first drug taken by people who overdose, but also in suicides and accidental deaths”
    “It is an awful waste of young lives. People are trying the drug at a very young age. Many go on to harder drugs and I am dealing with more and more heroin overdoses. People can also suffer severe consequences from the cannabis alone, however. “Bereaved parents say to me, ‘We didn’t realise how dangerous it was until it was too late, if only we had done something’. It is heartbreaking.

    Turner said that stronger varieties of cannabis are now common, LEADING TO PHYSICAL AND MENTAL PROBLEMS IN YOUNG PEOPLE, compared to the pot that was available in the 1960s.

  11. Dear Concerned,

    That my dear friend is not a scientific result. If you look back at prohibition there were countless DEATHS documented from illegal bathtub alchohol. Without legalization you have no controls over most of the product consumed.

    Marijuana has been proven to be much less toxic than tobacco or alcohol. There is no logical argument for its prohibition or the exorbitant costs to society for it being criminalized.

    It’s time to learn from history’s lesson and legalize it here in Canada as the US is racing to do.

  12. Admin writes -“That my dear friend is not a scientific result…”. Well here is:

    This information is taken from An Update from the National Institute on Drug Abuse — May, 2010. Link http://www.drugabuse.gov/tib/marijuana.html

    This is why marijuana can have wide ranging effects, including:
    * Impaired short-term memory (memory of recent events)–making it hard to learn and retain information, particularly complex tasks.
    * Slowed reaction time and impaired motor coordination—throwing off athletic performance, impairing driving skills, and increasing the risk of injuries
    * Altered judgment and decisionmaking—possibly leading to high-risk sexual behaviors, that could lead to the spread of HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases.
    * Increased heart rate by 20-100%–may increase the risk of heart attack, especially in otherwise vulnerable individuals
    * Altered mood–euphoria, calmness, or in high doses, anxiety, paranoia
    * Exposure during critical developmental periods: From animal research, THC exposure pre- or perinatally or during adolescence can alter brain development, particularly in areas related to mood, reward, and executive function (e.g., cognitive flexibility)

    Long term marijuana abuse:

    * Risk of addiction
    * Poorer educational outcomes and job performance, diminished life satisfaction
    * Respiratory problems—chronic cough, bronchitis
    * Risk of psychosis in vulnerable individuals
    * Cognitive impairment persisting beyond the time of intoxication

  13. Paster Tom most of those symptoms are the same for Tequila. Again, to criminalize, never mind legalize Marijuana you have to show something different than comparable substances.

  14. But Admin. you are not the expert! How easy you dismiss credible facts and documentation from a reputable organization. Where is your facts, and observations, and papers written to prove that dope is so harmless that it should be legalize? Where are your reputable sources? You don’t have any, do you?

    The mentality that since alcohol and tobacco are legal, so why not legalize dope, is so lame – words can’t express it!

  15. I never listen to anything from the Government studies since it is as biased as pastor Tom’s views. They both hide behind the laws they create or the bible to justify their own views and hidden agenda’s.

  16. Tom there are literally hundreds of studies. The point comes down to the fact that there is no scientific or medical evidence that Marijuana is any more harmful than tobacco or alcohol; especially if regulated.

    The biggest factor in the reduction of alcohol and tobacco consumption has been the legalization and taxation of the substances. Prohibition does not work. Prohibition costs money. Prohibition costs lives. It’s that simple and in a society where we are making choices between medical services and closing hospital beds or chasing smoke I think I’d prefer my tax dollars going on medical services.

  17. I am not too sure why the admin is promoting drug use on this website, but if people are looking to get into the drug culture as a way to solve their problems I suggest sniffing glue and/or gasoline. I don’t have any studies on hand but I am pretty sure they will screw you up the same why dope and Tequila do (if not more) and they are legal to buy!

    Personally though, I think people should just stay away from all this crap and just deal with their problems.

  18. Give me one reputable organization that supports your claims – that’s all. And let us see the link.

  19. tnpreacher555: All that you have attributed to marijuana can also be attributed to a wide variety of over the counter drugs, but we’ve touched on that already. I don’t think anyone is arguing that weed is healthy. Clearly it is a bad habit.

    The point that is being is that many other perfectly legal drugs have far more severe consequences than marijuana. Can we agree that cigarettes are more harmful than pot? Can we agree that more people die from diseases related to alcohol than those related to dope? Can we agree that caffeine is more addictive than THC? These are all basic facts.

    Our government has relied on misinformation and propaganda to control marijuana use for a variety of outdated reasons for over 50 years now, despite numerous studies to the contrary in both the scientific and medicinal field.

    So now, are going base our decision on evidence, or ignorance?

  20. glassbowl I am doing the exact opposite.
    I am not endorsing the use of marijuana.
    I am acknowledging that it’s use is widespread and quite acceptable in today’s society. That people should be protected by bad and inferior; sometimes dangerous unregulated product, and that the billions of dollars spent criminalizing it as well as the billions that could be collected in taxes make more sense for our society, and in the end will probably lead to less people using the substance.

  21. This is what Pastor Tom quoted, along with some comments. To put it all in context, in an earlier thread from the good pastor about his pet peeves, he did admit to having been a drug user (ie marijuana) himself when he was younger.

    This is why marijuana can have wide ranging effects, including:
    * Impaired short-term memory (memory of recent events)–making it hard to learn and retain information, particularly complex tasks.
    Not really relevant to the pastor, as he already knows everything.
    * Slowed reaction time and impaired motor coordination—throwing off athletic performance, impairing driving skills, and increasing the risk of injuries
    Never having met (nor particularly wanting to meet) the pastor, I can’t honestly comment.
    * Altered judgment and decisionmaking—possibly leading to high-risk sexual behaviors, that could lead to the spread of HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases.
    Not really sure whether the pastor has any sexual behavior or sexuality, so we won’t pin this one on him.
    * Increased heart rate by 20-100%–may increase the risk of heart attack, especially in otherwise vulnerable individuals
    Totally inapplicable, as pastor Tom does not seem to exhibit a heart.
    * Altered mood–euphoria, calmness, or in high doses, anxiety, paranoia
    Definitely the good pastor. Euphoria when he quotes from the bible, calmness when under anesthetic, anxiety about going to hell, and paranoia about anyone who disagrees with him.
    * Exposure during critical developmental periods: From animal research, THC exposure pre- or perinatally or during adolescence can alter brain development, particularly in areas related to mood, reward, and executive function (e.g., cognitive flexibility).
    He always seems to be in a bad mood, except perhaps when counting the collection tray after the service.
    Executive function is definitely a problem for this individual. For example, he is incapable of accepting any facts unless they are backed up by the bible, does not believe in the validity of science, but will quote it when it suits him, and accepts the bible as the literal truth, even though it is packed with internal contradictions because of its original sources.
    Long term marijuana abuse:
    * Risk of addiction
    Well, this point is probably moot. The pastor claims he is no longer addicted, so let’s take him at his word
    * Poorer educational outcomes and job performance, diminished life satisfaction
    Education is something that seems to have eluded the pastor, otherwise he’d be more capable of listening to and understanding other people’s points of view.
    Job performance – definitely an F minus. If he was as good and wise as he claimed, he’d be packing the civic centre for his services. And does anyone know of any person so miserable as the pastor?
    * Respiratory problems—chronic cough, bronchitis
    I can’t comment on this one, never having met him.
    * Risk of psychosis in vulnerable individuals
    * Cognitive impairment persisting beyond the time of intoxication
    I’m not even going to comment on these last two points. Read his posts and make up your own mind.

    I don’t, and have no wish to use the stuff myself. However, I don’t see the point of making it a criminal offence, unless the user is caught driving while stoned. However, seeing what it seems to have done to the pastor, I do think people should think twice about smoking to excess.

    Just my two tokes worth.

  22. Wathcher – The Apostle Paul wrote that “I am what I am by the grace of God” – so likewise. God’s healing power of grace has put me in my right mind. To love God, His Son and His word is the best thing that will ever happen to a person. I use to be a slave and in bondage to a lot of things – sins, but now the Son has set me free! Laugh at it all you want, but God is still in the business of saving sinners, just like yourself, for example.

  23. Be very careful when and where you cast your stones, Tom. From everything I’ve read of you and about you, you’re the one who lives in a very brittle glass house.

    You don’t know me personally, you don’t know the relationship I have with God and the Son, and you don’t know the extent to which I know the Bible, both Old and New Testament. How dare you automatically assume I am a sinner? I’ve always believed that when the end comes, God will judge. Nowhere in scripture can I find where He delegated you, Tom.

    So before you go criticizing everyone who chooses to reject your little narrow-minded version of God’s truth, let’s go the Mark 9:40: “For whoever is not against us is for us.” What this means, Tom, is Jesus did not want you to automatically go condemning others. Personally, I think you suffer from most of the symptoms that you yourself were good enough to point out in your previous post. However, I’m not going to take it upon myself to cast you down into Hell. If you go there, that will be a matter between you and our God, and probably none of my business.
    And before you try to justify your reasoning by quoting Matthew 12:30 and Luke 11:23, I’ll save you the trouble: “He who is not with me is against me; and he who does not gather with me, scatters.”

    Now, here’s your lesson in scripture for today, Tom. At first, this appears one of the internal contradictions I mentioned in my previous post. Certainly he is saying one thing, then the opposite. Doesn’t make sense, does it?

    Here’s my interpretation: In the first passage, Jesus is telling his followers not to judge others too harshly, especially if they’ve done nothing to oppose them. In the second passage, Jesus is warning his followers (including you and me, Tom) to look at our own deeds and actions more carefully, and make sure that they themselves are not opposing Christ’s word. He reinforces this elsewhere by criticizing the Pharisees for complaining about the motes (fine specks of wood, like sawdust) in other people’s eyes, whilst ignoring the beams (2 x 8, or whatever) in their own.

    And one last thing, Tom. You said that the Son has set you free. OK, no problem, I believe you. But let me ask you, why don’t you take advantage of the freedom Jesus gave you, to go out and meet people, learn from them, be nice to them, even if you don’t agree with them on everything? Why do you have to be so self-righteous, one would say almost hypocritical? You don’t even see and enjoy the good and the beauty in God’s creation, such as a sunrise. Ask yourself seriously if you will be a sheep or a goat, as described by Matthew, when he tells of the king coming in glory.

    Finally, Tom, if you took any personal offense at my last post, please accept my apology. But everything I said has been developed from things you have said. Think about it Tom. Are you really happy, acting as you do, turning people against Christ because they don’t want to become like you?

    Remember, Εἰρήνην ἀφίημι ὑμῖν, εἰρήνην τὴν ἐμὴν δίδωμι ὑμῖν

  24. And for those who, unlike Pastor Tom and me, don’t know Greek, the language of the New Testament, the last quotation from scripture means: Peace I leave to you; my peace I give to you; (John, 14:27)

  25. let him out on bail.. Not like he murderd someone, or raped someone, why dont you catch the ppl that REALLY matter!!! spending all kindas of $$ for the cops to get new shit, but yet look at the hospitals, cant even have enough beds for sick ppl.

  26. Watcher – Are we not all sinners in need of a Saviour? “If we say that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth: If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we say that we have not sinned, we make him a liar, and his word is not in us”. 1 John 1:6,8,10 Which of these fits you?

    Also, it seems from your posts, that your bran of Christianity is surely not biblical. Neither the Lord Jesus, nor the Apostle Paul, or any other of the apostles could call such “Truth”, and neither of them would surely embrace such humanistic, sentimental garbage.

    1 Timothy 1:15 “This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief”. Thank God for His love and grace towards us sinners! That is my testimony – “He that glorieth, let him glory in the Lord”(1 Cor.1:31).

  27. Hey preacher, watcher, stop living in the past. The problems we are facing today are real and current, not some philosophical exercise based on a 2000 year old moral code. If you want to quote someone how about listing the statistics of lung cancer or drug additcitons and the human tragedy that results.

  28. The Watcher, that was awesome! 😀

    pastor tom, I know I lead a good and happy life, with as much respect for my surroundings as possible. That is all the 10 commandments were all about. Just general guidelines to leading a better life (which you seem to totally forget about.) They came from the book of the dead though, not from God or Moses as you would like to believe. The Egyptians were the first to come up with all of this stuff, and then its all just plagiarized versions for all the other religions out there. And all it basically is, is a complex telling of astrological star charts and such. Humanity put the rest of it together, particularly the first Christian Roman emperor Constantine who tried to rewrite the bible as you know it today, 300+ years after JC’s death, as a form of population control. Looks like it still works to this day on the likes of yourself. Stop burying your nose in a book that was written for such purpose, and enjoy the scenery around you instead. You only have one life to live, before the darkness comes, and so you may as well make the most of it!

  29. So The Watcher is Greek and Pastor Tom is Greek….why not do what Greek’s do best.
    Her you’re fantastic. I think I’m going to accept Pastor Tom as my Saviour.

  30. Watcher, that was a superb post. You said everything that needed to be said, but I know that you know it would fall on the deaf ears of tnpreacher555. His beliefs are so rigid and he is so fearful that he cannot accept any points of view other than his own.

    But isn’t that what religion does to people? It expects all the sheeple to follow the dogma and the expectations set out by the church. Do churches encourage lateral thinking and encourage their parishioners to ask questions and express dissenting points of view? It doesn’t work that way as we all know.

    Religion is all about control and if you are willing to submit to a faith then you are expected to follow certain conditions. The real question is that if people’s faith in their religions was as strong as they say it is, then that faith should be able to withstand a few challenges and a few counter arguments.

    That depends on the individual and the more mind controlled a person, the less likely that they will be able to think outside of the box that they are in. I understand that certain proselytes who come banging on our doors distributing religious material, actually believe they are successful when people REJECT them and SEND them on their way. Now, how may we ask would that be possible?

    It would suggest to me that these people have been programmed to accept what George Orwell called ‘doublethink’- where their minds are programmed to accept the opposite of what the normal expectation might be in this situation. i.e actually converting someone on their doorstep to a particular religion.

    The only answer is as others have said here, is to keep an open mind, live life according to one’s conscience, and I would add, pray directly to God, Gai, the Divine, Mohammed if so inclined and cut out the institutional programming.

  31. Grimalot – you sound like a broken record. The Gospel according to Grimalot! Any thing new in your book of human rationale? In the religion of human achievement?

    Reg: Have you not read – Malachi 3:6 “For I am the LORD, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed”. Hebrews 13:8 “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever”. That means that God’s word is relevant for today. God has all the answers to man’s problems, which is all sin generated! Sinners living out their sinful desires – suffering, misery, death the result. The answer – get a new heart and a new life and start loving God via the Lord Jesus Christ. With that the sin issue will be solved, and all that there is left is abundant life – new life in the power of the Holy Spirit. Religion can not do that for anyone, but a living relationship with the God of Heaven can!

  32. Kevin: If you are going to act and speak as the “Light”, you have do better then this -“The only answer is as others have said here, is to keep an open mind, live life according to one’s conscience, and I would add, pray directly to God, Gai, the Divine, Mohammed if so inclined and cut out the institutional programming”.

    Kevin here is where you error greatly -“To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word [The Holy Scriptures], it is because there is no light in them”. Isaiah 8:20.

  33. Gentlepeople what do any of these posts have to do with the illegal ciggy trade? As interesting as this debate has I just wanted to toss that in. Not that I’m censoring or even suggesting a cessation to debate.

  34. Admin: I have not seen that link yet from the “reputable organization” that encourage us to legalize dope? Again I write – “The mentality that since alcohol and tobacco are legal, so why not legalize dope, is so lame – words can’t express it!”

  35. Tom I don’t ask you for links for the some of the suppositions of fact you make. We are exchanging opinions and frankly I expect neither of us to change our positions based on our exchange.

    There’s ton of factual scientific data on the issue of Marijuana. It’s not really about that. It’s about what we as a society choose. We all have a right to an opinion and of course the implementation of those opinions via our votes.

  36. Nice try Jamie -“Tom I don’t ask you for links for the some of the suppositions of fact you make”. The Word of God doesn’t need human support so that’s why I need not give supportive links. The Word of God is the authority all by itself, so I declare just what it says. It is God’s word – whether you like it or not. Whether or not you agree, you argument is with God, not me!

    “There’s ton of factual scientific data on the issue of Marijuana” – oh, is there? For or against?

    “It’s about what we as a society choose” – “Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil; neither shalt thou speak in a cause to decline after many to wrest judgment”( Exodus 23:2).

  37. Sir preacher, some questions for you: Do you treat your flock the way you treat the posters on this thread? If the Word of God does not need human support, can you explain to us how it supports itself? Do you always cite the Word of God as a way of excusing yourself from backing your opinions with facts? Do you think the ability to utter biblical quotations is a substitute for navigating the complexities of living and respecting the views of others in today’s world?

  38. pastor – yeah, the world is going to self destruct with a lot of the idiots we have running it. So I’m just enjoying the time while we still have it..

    I can however tell you that I won’t let a book control my life. I have accepted things for the way they are. And I am content. There’s not much more I could ask for, except for maybe a family, but all in due time. I like to enjoy life’s little pleasures in whatever form they may take. The only way to do that is to observe instead of having my nose buried in scripture that was only intended as mind control.

    I don’t like what our government’s are doing. I don’t like what is happening to our society. I like freedom for everyone. And unfortunately, to me, religion only causes more damage. Am I spiritual, yes. Is it by your ideology? quite frankly, a BIG NO to that one. I take in everything around me. I experience everything, and I experience it in excess, something perhaps you should learn to do! Why, because we only have one life to live. I’ve made my mistakes. Great and small. I have made my accomplishments, great and small as well. But again, NO ONE or NOTHING, is going to dictate how I am going to live my life!

    You’d probably fall over if you ever took a confession from me.. lol.. of which, I don’t believe I have to confess anything.. I did it, I enjoyed it, and Ill do it again! 😀

  39. As I’ve said many times before, attempting to discuss or debate with the pastor, or any other bible-thumper, is futile. He doesn’t think. He doesn’t have to. All his answers are in one stupid book. That’s the reason why so many intellectually challenged people embrace these bizarre religious cults. It’s the easy way to get through life without having to think. What is offensive about so many of these cult leaders and followers is that they have this desire to drag other people into their non-thinking way of life. Not a lot different from dope dealers, really.

  40. Tom my time is a very precious commodity. There are tons of links and if I thought my taking time for you would in any way foster a more productive discussion I’d take some of my time and go and get them.

    I have a hunch you’re quite aware of them though and are simply interested in perpetuating your agenda. That’s cool. I just don’t want to waste my time playing that game with you.

    The beautiful thing about a Democracy is people are allowed to embrace their opinion and even share it.

  41. tnpreacher555: Don’t be lazy, do a little research on your own. Just type in “Marijuana health risks” or something like that into your search engine and see what comes up. I was going to post some links, but there is so much information I gave up.

  42. Hey Rodney. I typed in ‘alcohol health risks’. I am now starting a group to bring in Prohibition. Anyone caught drinking with a child in the house would be labeled an abuser. Anyone caught distilling or selling more than six quarts of alcohol would get nine months mandatory jail time. Anyone caught selling alcohol within three blocks of a school would get another nine months. Anyone caught drinking alcohol on rented premises would get another nine months. Alcohol is a gateway to poverty, self punishment and outrageous medical costs. People who drink are lazy, undependable and incapable of complicated tasks. Police calls are 70% alcohol related. Prohibition is the clear answer. It worked before.

  43. And if we stopped everyone from smoking then our hospitals would probably be 3/4 empty. Wouldn’t that be great?

  44. So if Al and Stan are right, we could use the 3/4 empty hospitals for jails? LOL

  45. Sounds a little extreme Al. Why are you so opposed to alcohol? What exactly did you find? Will you also fight the evils of cigarettes? They are pretty deadly too.

    I have to argue about the effectiveness of prohibition however, it never really was effective at all. Bootlegging made it possible to buy liquor illegaly, much like marijuana today. That is one of the reasons I am in favor of legalizing marijuana. It is a huge waste of taxpayers money on something that is relatively harmless, and could be made much more harmless if regulated by a government agency.

    So on that note, I will not be supporting your group, but I do wish you well in your endeavours.

  46. I believe Al was being sarcastic. And Eric, awesome comment.. hahaha, these cons would have it just that way too!

  47. I am opposed to alcohol because some people drink and drive and everybody else should pay. I’m against alcohol because I heard that if you drank too much for too long it killed you. Personal choice is too much privilege. Rodney – I think we should toss the rest of the patients out of the hospitals and use the space for administration. I can’t fight the evils of cigarettes. People have been referring to them as coffin nails since at least the 1930’s. We’ve known they were addictive and caused cancer since Sir Walter Raleigh. Marijuana however is only used by 17 year old kids who flirt with communism, disrespect their elders and listen to unsyncopated music. One puff and they steal your encyclopedia set and sell it for a guitar. Then they roll their eyes when I lecture them – you should see it.

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