Jack Layton as the next Prime Minister of Canada? Why the Harper Government Ups the Ante VS the Liberals – Cornwall Ontario – May 31, 2010

Cornwall ON – Boy Mr. Harper loves a good fight and he’s a scrapper like Mr. Chretien there, on the left, only he’s not as smart as the man from Shawinigan.  I’d love to play poker with the man one night.

For months now Mr. Harper’s team have been pushing Mr. Layton and the NDP.   Not because they secretly know that they’re far to the right and their policies are crap.

No I’m thinking their reasoning is all about power and how to keep what they have and fight for their elusive majority.

The problem is that Canadians are smarter than that, and sometimes strategies can bite you on the bum.

Mr. Layton is a great Canadian politician and for some reason Michael Ignatieff is showing that he really isn’t.   Maybe he’s playing rope a dope and holding on for Mr. Harper to run out of steam politically or maybe he’s simply a dope?

In the meanwhile Mr. Layton and his team are making hay and inroads to what will probably be their biggest election turn out in history in the next Federal election.

Our numbers show that if things don’t change they probably will have more seats than the Liberals so maybe that Norman Spector piece isn’t so far from the truth?

According to the results published in Monday’s edition of La Presse, the Conservatives led by Stephen Harper would defeat a coalition led by Michael Ignatieff 40-34 per cent.

With Bob Rae as Liberal leader, the coalition and Conservatives would be tied.

However, if the coalition were to propose Jack Layton as prime minister, according to the Reid poll, it could defeat the Conservatives by 43-37 per cent.

Don’t you just love Canadian politics?  So as the shovels of dirt cover the political career of Michel Ignatieff where will the buzz move to?   Other than Frank McKenna and maybe Bob Rae is there any candidate that could beat Mr. Harper and turn the tide?  Do the Liberals even have the money for a leadership campaign?

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  1. Michael Ignatieff is just a visiting professor from Harvard University in the US. Bob Ray is just a p’d off NDP who doesn’t know his backside from his elbow…..just look at what he did to Ontario when he was premiere. We were so happy to get rid of him! Frank McKenna is not interested in the job and the federal Liberal Party doesn’t have enough money to cover an election. They “gave” it all away and didn’t keep any for their war chest, or so they say….

  2. Bob Rae is a LIBERAL in NDP clothing, and he always has been. He couldn’t have won the liberal Ontario leadership race at the time. So, he just called himself an NDP.

  3. To be fair to Bob Rae, he was Premier when Ontario, and the rest of Canada, was going through a recession.

    Of course, the ideal leader for either the federal or provincial Liberals would be Andrea Horwath, provincial NDP leader. Both Ignatieff and McGuinty have basically the right ideas, but not the smarts; Horwath, on the other hand, has many of the right ideas, and the intelligence and personality to carry them through without causing a riot.

    Watch Stan poop his pants if this ever happened. 🙂

  4. Ignatieff is neither a dope, nor is he playing rope a dope. He is just not a politician. He is an intellectual, and it is hard to combine the two. Pierre Trudeau was the last man I can think of who had both the intellect, and the charisma/competetive intensity to pull it off. Have the Liberals got another one of him hiding in the wings somewhere?

  5. Poop in my pants, you say? Hardly! The only way to stop Michael Ignatieff, Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe from overturning the results of the next election and plunging Canada into economic and political uncertainty is to re-elect a strong, national Conservative Government. Let’s face it, the facts are facts. Michael Ignatieff does not have the popular support he needs to win an election and form a Liberal Government. That’s why Ignatieff and other Liberals are once again talking about a Coalition – a Coalition that would have to include Jack Layton’s NDP and Gilles Duceppe’s BLOC Quebecois – just like before. As Ignatieff himself said: “I am prepared to enter into a Coalition Government and to lead that Government.”
    Just imagine. Imagine a Coalition Government headed by Ignatieff, a man who called the USA his country only months before moving back to our country. Imagine our economy in the hands of the NDP and “Liberals” like Bob Rae. As Ontario Premier, Rae was an economic disaster. And imagine a policy veto for the BLOC Quebecois, a party’s whose raison d’etre is to disrupt the Federation and break-up Canada. That’s what an Ignatieff-led Coalition Government would look like. It would threaten our stability. Threaten our economy. And put families and businesses at risk – all because visiting professor Michael Ignatieff wants to be Prime Minister.
    The only way to stop an Ignatieff-led Coalition with the NDP and Bloc Quebecois is to support the re-election of a strong, national and cohesive Conservative Government. A Government with a proven leader, a low-tax plan and a rock solid commitment to a Canada that is strong, united, independent and free. God Bless Canada.

  6. Actually, coalitions work in other countries. Look at what just happened in the UK for example. People can work together. And quite honestly, I think Canada needs a change. These Pseudo-Cons we have in government are hardly a Conservative Government to begin with so I don’t know what you’re talking about Stan!

    I say if they make a true coalition and get voted in as such, then maybe, just maybe, there will be enough opinions and it may take our governance on a different track. Maybe it might be a stark reminder as well to any official party that they are there “FOR THE PEOPLE”! And perhaps they will work together “FOR THE PEOPLE” instead of their own hidden agendas!

  7. But it’s OK for the UK Thatcherites (AKA the Conservative Party) to enter into a coalition with the Lib-Dems? Really, Stan!
    What scares me, and should also scare you, is the prospect of being led by a party whose leader (and many others within the party) are controlled by right-wing, so-called Christian, fundamentalists who would like to bring back the Inquisition for anyone who disagrees or stands in their way.

  8. Go Stan!
    Bob Rae to be fair The Watcher, really? He admitted he and his party were not prepared to run the province. And will you give Harper the same get out of jail free card because this recession / world meltdown is larger ?

  9. Eric: I don’t know if Bob Rae ever “admitted he… were not prepared…” but I’ll take your word for it.
    My reasons for fearing Harper and the Reform Party are because I used to live in the Reform Party heartland, and for many of his other policies. In actual fact, I’m politically in the middle of the road, I don’t like extremes on either side of the political spectrum.
    And yes, actually I would give Harper and all the provincial premiers the “get out of jail free” card, because no one has ever come up with a better solution for trying to get out of a deficit. One of my main problems with the opposition parties is that they bitch about the deficit, but had they been in power they would have had no better solution to offer.

  10. Really Stan, Harper should be the leader because he is the leader? That kind of circular logic is worthy of Jean Cretien. I also believe it was the Conservatives who were in control of the economy when we ran up the largest deficit in Canadian history not even mentioning the $1 billion dollar price tag for the security on the upcoming economic summits. And you say the Liberals gave away all of their funds? I think the Conservatives should give some of theirs back to Canadians to make up for their boondoggles.

  11. Sorry, a misprint. I wrote “no one has ever come up with a better solution for trying to get out of a deficit.”
    It should read: “no one has ever come up with a better solution for trying to get out of a RECESSION.”

  12. Layton let the Harper crowd in; fitting that he should see them out. Better any day a coalition of the fair-minded than the aggressive, narrow-minded hypocrites who are abusing our tax dollars and sullying the name of Canada every passing day.

  13. Reg, to be fair, you can’t blame the recession on the Conservatives.

  14. You also cannot give Harper, or the Conservatives credit for our economy staying rather strong, like they are trying to claim. The only reason it held up is because of the Liberals, namely Paul Martin and his policies, before the Cons ever took power.

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