Cornwall Ontario City Council Syd Gardiner Announces Bid for Re-Election in 2010 – June 16

Cornwall ON- Long time Cornwall Ontario City Councilor Syd Gardiner has announced he’s running again.  He filed his papers this afternoon at city hall and we had the opportunity to catch up with the grizzled veteran of many campaigns here in Cornwall Ontario.


To reach Councilor Gardner you can reach him through his city hall webpage.

What do you think Cornwall?  Will you vote for Councilor Gardiner?  You can vote in our poll below and are allowed up to ten selections.

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  1. Syd Gardiner, I believe, was one of the councillors trying to push through the obscene raise in pay some councillors wanted. I say lets get rid of those who just think of their own pockets!

  2. We would all like to hear from Syd Gardiner as to his platform and his priorities, PRIOR to the election would be good.

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