Cornwall Ontario City Councilors Syd Gardiner & Andre Rivette Not Happy with Hospital Cuts on Elective Surgeries – June 17, 2010

Cornwall ON – When you vote to spend thousands of dollars to attract new doctors to come to your city it can be frustrating when red tape cuts budgets that end up having doctors leave.

That’s exactly what has Cornwall City Councilors Andre Rivette and Syd Gardiner upset as you’ll see in the videos.



Over the past year, the average number of ALC patients taking up a segment of the hospital’s 94 acute care beds is 28, but that number has jumped to 42 so far in June.

Similarly, their was an average of eight patients in emergency room beds waiting for an inpatient bed over the past year, but this month that number has increased to 23.

As a result, the hospital has cancelled 52 elective surgeries

If the doctors can’t do their surgeries it impacts them finacially as one doctor recently has migrated much of his surgery time to nearby Upstate NY.


Cushman said he would like to see the Cornwall hospital taking more of a team approach to health care by working more closely with the other hospitals, community health centres, long-term care facilities and the Eastern Ontario Health Unit in Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry.

Dr. Cushman of course is in charge of the Champlain LHIN and he suggesting that seems a bit odd as it is essentially part of his mandate.  In the old days before LHIN’s that’s exactly what hospitals were supposed to do; work with each other.

I’ll leave the final words to the good councilors from Cornwall Ontario.


What do you think Cornwall?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. I agree we need more long term beds. It’s also important to keep doctors in Cornwall. Kudos to Andre Rivette and Syd Gardiner for speaking up about this vital issue!

  2. It sure took them long enough to come forward. Not happy is an understatement.

  3. Unfortunately people such as Rivette and associates are part of the root problem. It is easy to speak out but can they take the task at hand and actually implement change?

    Rivette has spoken out against Robert H Saunders generating station with his side kick Mc Donald only to cower when push comes to shove. Enough of your talking Rivette either rise to the occasion or step down

  4. Weren’t they part of current city council that complained about pay? Or was that someone else?

  5. lol Grimalot, and when Syd was voted against by 7 councilors, he called them all cowards.

  6. I like Syd. I like Syd a lot. I don’t always agree with him, but he’s been terrific with me and he’s not afraid of anything which I can’t say for everyone on council in Cornwall.

  7. admin, what has Syd accomplished at council? Brave is good but bravery without direction is mere stupidity.

  8. smee I’m not sure what you’re problem is, but this downer stuff…..I gotta tell you… Maybe you should come out of the shadows and try and do stuff instead of peeing on other’s parade? Maybe we should examine your work and life with the same critical eye you seem to be using on many of the people we write about?

    What Syd has done is go to council meetings. He’s worked for the citizens of Cornwall and tried to make a difference. It’s so easy to sit in the comfort of the shadows taking pot shots and trying to sound literate.

    It’s much different standing in the lights of a camera, or turning a microphone on and speaking. While I’m all for free speech, and everyone having an opinion, if you’re going to be a wet nurse be prepared to occasionally get wrung out.

    What I really like about most of the regular posters here is that there’s lively discussion. There’s well thought out points. I get emails and comments from people congratulating us on our comments as compared to certain other papers. I love that we have different people with different viewpoints who generally can discuss and even debate without sinking to tabloid levels.

    If you want to criticize people, perhaps you can come up with some solutions or even better make some solutions happen?

  9. Hey, just putting it out there, lest we forget.. lol 😀

  10. Why come on here and talk about being willing to present a motion, and saying you would vote in favour of said motion? Put it on the table already. This is not a new story. Stop talking and do it already.

  11. admin read my answer in your article

    “Cornwall Ontario’s Newest City Council Contender Announced – Jason Setnyk Wants Your Vote! June 15, 2010”

    It answers why I look at things in Cornwall through an unaided eye.

  12. maybe you could ansmwer the question, what has Syd accomplished.

    “What Syd has done is go to council meetings. He’s worked for the citizens of Cornwall and tried to make a difference.”

    This is the bare minimum of being an alderman. What you are saying all we need do in Cornwall is show up?

  13. smee if more people in the world “showed up” it’d be a much better place.

  14. Syd is not the issue. Our failing socialized healthcare system is.

    We have a billion to protect the leaders of the G20 from evil Canadians who are sick of globalization and the erosion of our national sovereignty. Sounds like Al-Qaida to me.

    We had over a billion to host the Olympians and a bit of that was to protect them from Osama too.

    Seems to me we have a lot of money to fund the police state and quell dissent. Maybe we should merge our security and police forces with our healthcare system. Should have plenty of money for beds then. Maybe the Feds will throw in a little extra for chains.

    Seriously though we need to pressure our politicians to practice some fiscal responsibilty. I think my grandfather’s health is much more important than games and G20 globalist goons hellbent on global governance.

    We need smaller government, less beaurocrats, bring the boys home, end our debt based fiat currency and we will be able to provide more than enough beds for our sick.

    But that’s just my opinion.

  15. Admin
    raise your standards, personally I prefer not to stand amid the under achivers. That is also why we have something called a brian. To grow and improve, not just show up.

  16. smee you start by showing up. Then you work from there. Sadly in our world not enough people “show up”.

  17. Dwight
    well stated, here we prefer to promote it as oh yes we have the olympics and oh yes we have a good health care system, oh yes we have a grand education system. But absolutley nobody says anything about how the systems abuse the rest of Canada.

    Here it is called edmocracy, other more experienced places know it as pure socialism ( which technically doesn’t exist).

    Some factors of Socialism or a planned economy

    1.production targets for different segments of the economy,
    2. rationing of certain commodities to determine demand for them,
    3. price and wage fixing by the state, and
    4. a conscripted labor market in which workers are assigned jobs by the state.

    All of which can be proven in North America

  18. admin
    Cornwall and area is scared to death of someone who shows up with a plan. All we settle is for the figure being there not the brain, “oh at least he showed up”. You have proven it yourself in this paper. If it doesn’t fit into your model it’s a problem. Our discussion is proof of that also.

    Trust me I have experienced it first hand, thus my reluctance to accept working in the area, like many others.

  19. is it funding shortage that is the problem? Or a mismanaged business. Tossing more money on a fire burning out of control is a bad thing

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