Cornwall Ontario City Councilor Casts Deciding Vote Shooting Down Councilor Bernadette Clement’s Gymnasium Revival – June 22, 2010

Cornwall ON – It was interesting watching Councilor Bernadette Clement’s attempt to bring back the Gymnasium project be discussed around the council table as it essentially became a gender issue; especially in the recorded vote.

It’s been a roller coaster watching the odd operatic efforts on both sides of the decision duke it out from the wording of amendments; to ramifications; outbursts, emotions, and even going to Robert’s Rules of Order which I doubt many around the table have ever read.

In the end it came down to Money.   Was this council willing to spend a large chunk of tax payer money on a Gymnasium for Cornwall and at the end of the day Mark MacDonald cast what looked like the deciding vote and shooting down the determined Ms Clement’s efforts.

What do you think Cornwall?  Are you happy to not be spending on the gym or do you think it was short sighted?  You can post your comments below.

We’ll be releasing video of the council meeting on our video channel too as time has not allowed it to be crunched in time for this print date.

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  1. I’m glad that someone had the foresight to shoot this one down in it’s tracks! Just think of all the small businesses that would have been put out of business by this Cadillac-sized gymnasium that some councillors wanted to have built. Mark MacDonald, all local gyms, fitness centres, health & fitness clubs thank you. We owe you our gratitude and you can certainly count on our votes in the upcoming election.

  2. I think with the massive 4plex we’re getting, this gym is totally un-needed. Another thing, government should not be competing or ruining any local business. I agree with Concerned Citizen, we have enough specialty centers already dedicated to this. Kudos Mark MacDonald!

  3. Why doesn’t city discuss deveolping our waterfront. I can’t for the life of me understand why waterfront development is not an issue in Cornwall. We gave such a long stretch of shore that could be used to attract more visitors to our little city, which would only be good for local businesses. The space from the harbour to marina 200 would be a good start.

    Just a thought.

  4. Hi Dwight,

    If I am elected, I proimise to do everything in my power to make the development of our waterfront a key issue at the city council table.

  5. I know Mark MacDonald is a true hero, but who else voted against it? Or did he just vote multiple times?

    That gym would have been nice…if only we could afford it.

    The City would develope the waterfront if they only could…the MCA has a land claim on it, making it very difficult for the Feds to hand it over.

  6. Mark
    Where could the money be better spent?

  7. Jason what power would you have as a counciller if you were elected anyways.You would have to go with the flow or be outcasted like

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