Carey Price gone too? Montreal rumors swirling before the draft and July 1 Free Agent Frenzy! – Cornwall Ontario – June 22, 2010

Cornwall ON- Could Carey Price be leaving les Bleu, Blancs, et Rouges aussi?   Of course it’s rumor season with the draft and July 1 free agent date coming up.

While the Habs swapped away play off stud Jaroslav Halak,  rumblings from sources suggest that Carey Price isn’t the man long term for Montreal either and may be used to land that Blue Chip Centre that the Habs so desperately need.

Other rumblings I’m hearing is that Saku Koivu is on his way back to Montreal; perhaps bringing his good friend Teamu Selanne with him?  I’m also hearing faint rumblings of Mike Modano rejoining Bob Gainey here in Montreal for one or two more seasons.

Of course all these rumblings point to no more Tomas Plekanec in Montreal.

What do you think Canada and Habs fans?  Which moves do you think the team will make?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Mathieu Darche signs a one-year contract with the Canadiens.

  2. Tomas Plekanec signs a 6 year contract with the Canadiens worth 30 million dollars.

  3. How many people are there who would just work for food?

  4. How many people are there who would just work for food? Maybe Youppi?

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