The Cornwall Free News & The Local Finder Chicks Team UP! New Trading Post Show on Seaway Radio starting soon! – Cornwall Ontario – July 3, 2010

Cornwall ON – One of the things I love about Cornwall Ontario is the way people pull together and work together and it doesn’t take a crisis to make that magic happen.    Some places business whack the crap out of each other.   Snubs, shots, behind the scenes mayhem.   It can be scary and rarely ever helps a business or community.

I’m proud today to announce our official working agreement with The Finder Chicks!

Julia Lucio and Mai-Liis Renaud founded their Penny Trader type classified paper recently and are getting raves.  We were so impressed we agreed to work with them so that we can take care of your internet needs and the Finder Chicks can help you in print!

As a matter of fact we’re going to be adding a Local Finder segment to our popular Saturday morning radio show on    You’ll be able to phone and talk to the Finder Chicks and sell your items on our Trading Post show.    You can read more in the next issue of The Local Finder and of course here on the Cornwall Free News.

To place your FREE CLASSIFIED ad on the Local Finder just click the link, and their print paper comes out every two weeks.  You can find it at fine retailers locally here in Cornwall Ontario!

And for local businesses, services, and organizations we have a special combo offer!

For only $299.+HST you get 3 months of feature coverage here on The Cornwall Free News and 4 Business Card sized ads in The Local Finder!

For more information email us at or via phone at 613.361.1755

Buy Locally, Spend Locally, and Advertise Locally!

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