Is Habs Goalie Carey Price LA bound? Rumor Mill in HIGH GEAR – July 10, 2010 – Cornwall ON

Cornwall ON – Dontcha love texting?  I know Twitter is in vogue, but it’s so….public.   My sources have told me that there is a lot of buzz to Carey Price being shipped to Dean Lombardi with a certain Russian.    A LA goalie would be coming to the Great White North in the deal, but that both teams are waiting to see where a few more chips fall.

The San Jose Sharks are playing hardball or payback depending on your philosophy with the Chicago Black Hawks by putting in an offer on Black Hawk D Man Niklas Hjalmarsson who’s a RFA.    If Chicago doesn’t match they get a 1st and 3rd round draft pick in return.    My take is let him go as the 4 year $14M offer is a bit pricey unless you think Niklas is going to be a definite top 4 D Man.

Matching the contract means more cap woes for the Stanley Cup Winning Black Hawks.

What do you think Hockey Fans?  You can post your comments below.


  1. price being traded would be a blessing. hes shown us time again that the pressure of being number one in montreal is not for him.

  2. This can’t be real. Price can’t be shipped out to LA. Gauthier proved that the organization has faith in him by trading Halak to St. Louis. What goalie could they get to fill Price’s place? The guy from Hamilton? Free agency? If Price leaves, its almost guarenteed he’ll come back to bite the Canadiens. Price is an excellent prospect who has just had his develpment delayed, he could be great one day; maybe not right away, but with time and progress. The Canadiens would be wasting one of the best oppourtinites they’ve had in a long time if they let Price go.

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