Weekly schedule for Seawayradio.com – Tuesday Political Round Table 9AM EST – Cornwall Ontario – July 20, 2010

Cornwall ON – Click the Seawayradio.com logo above to go to our show page!  Or any of the images below to go to the show page to listen live or via podcast!

If it’s Tuesday morning it’s time to talk politics live from Cornwall Ontario with your host Jamie Gilcig and political pundits Denis Sabourin and Joe Gunn.

Keith Beardsley joins us at 9:45 for his View From the Hill, and you never know who else will pop onto our show!  The Call in numbers for the show are 1 (646) 595-4982, 1 (877) 217-3932.

Your favorite Old Time Radio shows with your host Reg Coffey of Coffey’s Coffee! The show is on every Wednesday night starting at 7:30 PM EST. The Call in numbers for the show are 1 (646) 595-4982, 1 (877) 217-3932.

Philo Vance – The Flying Murder Case – detective series

Quiet Please – Pathetic Fallacy – dark fantasy series

The Adventures of Superman – Fire In The Sterling Building

Airing on Friday nights at 11:00 pm starting June 18th, “Crescent Moon Lane” will set a graceful mood to close out your week. The show will be two hours long and commercial free.   All episodes available via podcast too!

If it’s Saturday morning in Cornwall Ontario it’s time for the Farmer’s Market on George Assaly Lane and we broadcast from there from 8:00-10:00 AM!   Seawayradio.com your local community radio station live from Cornwall Ontario!   Now join The Finder Chicks, Julia Lucio and Mai-Liis Renaud with their TRADING POST.  You can buy, sell, or tell Cornwall and the area about your event or Garage Sale!   Call in Toll Free 1.877.217-3932

Starting soon on Saturday afternoons it’s The Conrnwall Underground with your host Jason Setnyk.

The Cornwall Underground on Seaway Radio plays an eclectic mix of punk, metal, ska, alternative and indie rock music. Every show features some local music from right here in Cornwall Ontario, as well as some Canadian bands, and bands from all over the world. The focus of one show might be punk and another show might be metal. Stay tuned to hear some amazing and fun music including some local bands who you may or may not know. This is the loudest radio show in Cornwall Ontario and in the Seaway Valley.

The host of Cornwall Underground is Jason Setnyk, a local artist and music promoter who has booked hundreds of bands shows in Cornwall and Ottawa. Setnyk runs the Cornwall Underground website which has promoted local concerts and music in Cornwall since 1999, and he has produced four compilation Cds of local music. Setnyk is the co-founder of Rock the Vote, and he hosts monthly acoustic shows at Café Connectionz called Rock for Charity.

Seawayradio.com – Your live all request community radio station from Cornwall Ontario!

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