Editorial by Jamie Gilcig – So is it ever really a slow news day? Cornwall Ontario – July 22, 2010

Cornwall ON – So I was chatting with some news folk earlier this week about how “slow” it’s been news wise.   Slow in the news biz doesn’t mean that there’s no news; but just no HUGE news.  Nothing to really get people running or reading.

Here at The Cornwall Free News some of you may have noticed we do things a bit different than a traditional newspaper.  We tend to not even remotely try to cover everything, but simply look for tid bits to entertain and inform you, our most valued viewer.

Sometimes we hit and sometimes we miss.   Sometimes we get more feedback personally than via the site.  Recently we ran a story that had very few comments but seemed to hit some nerves locally here in Cornwall resulting in quite a few comments in person to me and via phone and email.

Being a “Citizen Journalist” or pundit can be an interesting ride.  You can write a piece and it can have opposite effects.  Some people can hate and despise you; tell people not to advertise on your paper and conspire to see your company fail, while others smack you on the back and become sponsors.

I think we don’t really conspire here; at least I don’t, to cause anyone to go to extremes emotionally in response to our material.   We have our supporters who like The Cornwall Free News and those that well…..

However we’re grateful to all of you who read us.  Thank you for the support and keep telling your friends and a family, and I and the Cornwall Free News team will keep trying to entertain and inform you.

If you have any stories you want us to cover or news tips feel free to email us at info@cornwallfreenews.com

And please, visit our sponsors and show them how much you appreciate them writing the cheques to keep our humble media outlet alive.

Please Buy Local, Spend Local, and Advertise local!


  1. Hey Jamie I got a question

    I agree with the buy local statement and especially the food, but it leaves a huge global economy question.

    If we but local how can other countries manage to earn a decent wage such that they can afford to but what we manufacture?

  2. smee repeat that in english…

  3. Snee… we need a better use of technology to solve these challenges. Or we need to redefine the term “local” from being our town, city, or community to “local” as in our earthly community. The earth is our local economy. Eliminate imaginary borders, other “countries” need no have to manage to earn a decent wage…. the whole idea of wages can be eliminated with the use of technology to provide everything needed to service at no cost to everyone.

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