Nancy Munro getting a hair cut for a good cause! July 23,2010 6PM at Schnitzels in Cornwall Ontario by Jason Setnyk

Cornwall ON – Nancy Munro will be getting a haircut, but not at the hair salon or barber shop. On the night of Friday July 23rd Munro will be at Schnitzels (158 Pitt Street in Cornwall) from 6pm to 10pm for a very special cut.

“I’ll be getting a few years worth of locks chopped off, and raising funds to boot!”

Munro will donate her pony tail to Angel Hair for Kids, a program developed by A Child’s Voice Foundation to help children undergoing cancer treatment.

Munro is also fundraising for CHEO to help raise money for their Arts and Crafts play room.

“I’ve contacted CHEO and they assured me that it’s not only appreciated, but needed. An example, they have to throw out a box of crayons after each child has used it. Do you know how many kids go through CHEO? That’s a lot of crayons!”.

Munro’s niece Amy was diagnosed with Leukemia two months shy of her fourth birthday.

Amy spent a lot of time at CHEO, and one of her favourite places to play was the Arts and Crafts room at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.

“It was a place where she could be a kid again. Sadly, Amy lost her battle and passed away at the age of 6. To this day, some of her creations from that room are keepsakes held close to our hearts. I am so grateful to have some of them!”

Munro was inspired by her friend Sarah, who cut her hair a few years ago, and donated it to a foundation that made wigs for sick kids who suffered hair lost.

After a few years of letting her hair grow out, Munro is ready for a hair cut, and her kindness will make a difference in the lives of some sick children.

It takes at 10 to 15 pony tails at least 10” long to make a wig. So Munro encourages others to donate their hair.

If you would like to donate money to Munro’s fundraising event, here’s how! Cheques are made payable to CHEO Foundation “Child Life”. Tax receipts are issued for donations of $10.00 or more.

If you can’t attend the event, but still want to donate, please email her for more info at

There won’t just be hair cutting at Schnitzels, several local musicians are donating their time to provide hours of entertainment for this worth cause.

Playing Friday night are Sara Murphy with Steve Restinetti of the Trench Town Oddities, Melanie McDonald, Joel Sauve, and Rod Rivette with Joel Plamondon and Ron Piquette from Winston Marley.

The official chopper for the evening is Louise Gendron.

For more information see the Facebook event:

Cheo Children’s Hospital:

A Child’s Voice Foundation:

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