Harper Government Pulls Fast One on Arctic Oil Exploration? Inuit Consider Lawsuit – Cornwall Ontario – July 23, 2010

Cornwall ON – The Harper Government has enraged Inuit over their 3 card monty shuffle over oil exploration in one of the richest wild life areas of the Canadian Arctic.


Lancaster Sound’s cliff-studded coastline is interspersed with bays, inlets and deep fiords. Most of the world’s narwhal, as well as large numbers of beluga and bowhead whales, swim amongst the icebergs that bob in its waters.

Polynyas — large sections of year-round, ice-free water — make rich habitat for seals and walrus, which in turn attract numerous polar bears. Seabirds flock there in the hundreds of thousands.

This is where the Harper government wants to explore for oil??  If BP wasn’t enough to worry about check out this story about an oil spill in China.  The picture alone is frightening.


One cleanup worker has drowned, his body coated in crude.

“I’ve been to a few bays today and discovered they were almost entirely covered with dark oil,” said Zhong Yu with environmental group Greenpeace China, who spent the day on a boat inspecting the spill.

We need a 100% moratorium on Oil exploration in sensitive areas of our country.  Some things money just can’t fix.

What do you think Canada?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. 100% moratorium on Oil exploration in sensitive areas of our country and the world is a must period. For all of our stakes…stop the madness please.

  2. From a government that pulls a fast one by trashing a potentially embarrassing report on the Alberta Oil Sands, by the Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development, what do you expect?

  3. Good grief, isn’t it clear by now that we have a government of goons, who neither listen nor care?

  4. Foreign agents of influence pressure our politicians to look for more oil.

  5. Wiki leak site now blocked in Canada. No afghan documents for you. No one reports it.

  6. I agree that we should not be drilling there, however with the US trying to control the worlds commodities it may be due diligence being carried out by Harper.

    So far in order to earn control of many commodities the US has gone to war and or economically divested countries to take and pilfer the resources. They offer their aid and assistance with the ROI being access to the natural resources. The next country to have this done will be Afghanistan. The minerals are worth billions. The issue is the US is so broke and they cannot afford to pay for the research and or the mining rights. There fore a country that was once an ally against the communists is now the enemy sighting terrorism. I guess the act of terrorism just depends on who is on your side. You can be assured BP has something to do with it as well. The money they have to pay in damages will not only go to damage control but to fund the pilfering in Afghanistan as well as some to pay off the US debt. Has anyone ever givin a politician billions of dollars and actually seen it used on the people?

    By Harper allowing drilling he has perhaps given us a chance to govern how and what is going to be done. Remember Sadam and Kuwait.

    Kuwait was about to open up oil production thus reducing the cost. George senior said no and encourages Sadam (A puppet put in power by the US) to take the his land back, Kuwait. Kuwait was actually a part of Persia prior to the early 60’s. The British took the land away for its resources that being Kuwait.

    Now Sadam refuses to keep oil prices the way Bush wants them to be thus begins dessert storm and as a result once again Persia is a divided country as a result of its own resources.

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