Letter to the Editor – Tammy A Hart Not Happy with Ontario Education – Newington Ontario – July 24, 2010

Newington ON – If you think Health Care in Ontario is bad, just wait till September when you see how badly Dalton McGuinty has screwed up our Educational System.

$1.5 billion per year is being spent on three and four year olds to attend full day/every day kindergarten.  Teachers making $70,000 plus, ECE’s (Early Childhood Educators) making $47,000 plus and EA’s (Educational Assistants) $30,000 all will be needed to run this program.  Administration will be required to record babysitting costs and attendance in the before and after school component of the program.  Trustees are already complaining of insufficient funding.  Principals are confused as to how the programs will be implemented.   Class room sizes are increased to 26+.  Education Assistants are being cut back, at the same time that school boards are implementing “inclusion” for all special needs students. Private daycare will be shut down.

Full day kindergarten was supposed to assist low income families by eliminating the need for daycare but the cost for the before/after component in most school boards has been set at unrealistically high rates ($29-$35 / day) which is more than most private daycares charge.  This rate is so high because the ECE’s are being paid considerably more ($24/hr) than most daycare workers are paid.  Thus the program which was to help the poor has been priced out of their reach by overpaying government workers to perform the same service that the private sector has been providing for less money.

Our education system will be in the same mess that Dalton McGuinty made our health care system…expensive, inefficient and unmanageable.    It’s disgraceful!

Tammy A. Hart

Newington, On

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  1. Our health care started falling apart in the early to mid 90’s under the Harris government. Don’t forget about all the nurses that the conservatives let go. That started an influx of nurses seeking employment in the USA. Dalton has carried out the work of Harris.

  2. Actually, most things started to fall apart under the Harris gang. Education, health care, public libraries, social programs of all kinds, forced amalgamation, and on and on. It just goes to show that even in a democracy, if a two-bit thug wins power, a lot of damage can be done.

  3. Willie 191 and Frutz, get over you hate for Harris and deal with the issues at hand. Yes, there were mistakes made under the Harris govt but lets deal in the present. McGuinty needs to be held accountable for all the wasted moneys being spent TODAY. The twenty-one billion dollar deficit is Daltons ONLY. We need change and the socialist Liberals is NOT the answer.

  4. Tammy, I would suggest that you do a little reading up on a few things. For starters just do a net search on “Dudley George”, “Kimberley Rogers”, Walkerton, and on and on. The man was directly responsible for the misery and death of lots of people. Cut welfare by 22%, and at the same time get rid of rent controls… Watch the spike in homeless rates, and freezing deaths, and suicides. Sorry Tammy, but the deadly trail that the Harris gang cleared for us won’t soon be forgotten. Apart from making his close friends even more wealthy than they were, tell us how Big Mike made Ontario a better place.

  5. Tammy, get over your hate for Trudeau and deal with the issues at hand. Yes, there were mistakes made under the Trudeau (and Mulroney, Chretien and Martin) governments but let’s deal in the present. Harper needs to be held accountable for all the wasted moneys being spent TODAY. The forty-nine billion dollar deficit is Stephen’s ONLY. We need change and the neo-conservative Reform Party is NOT the answer.

  6. Oh, and I almost forgot. In the last provincial election, didn’t your Ontario Reform Party snatch defeat from the jaws of victory with their hare-brained scheme to extend tax-payer funding to Jewish, Moslem and “Christian” schools?

  7. Author

    Here’s an analogy. You lose your job and have to cut back on expenses so you decide that your car is running ok so you don’t need oil changes or maintenance.

    Yes, you’re save “some” money in the short term, but what happens after a period of time? Your car breaks down.

    A lot of politicians, and I’m not going partisan here, tend to pass the buck on big issues. It’s why Medicare is where it is and so many other issues that impact our daily lives.

    Politicians pass the buck and we keep helping them.

  8. Nothing like getting side tracked…my comments is not a “Walkerton issue” nor is it a Trudeau issue.
    I am talking about a twenty-one billion dollar deficit. Deal with issues of the day! Make your leaders accountable. Oh and by the way, there were no cut backs in the water treatment plant in Walkerton, the deaths were a result of two drunks who falsified documents. Harris was absolved of all charges, but its obvious you dont want to hear that either.

  9. willie the government never let the nurses go, Harris tried to stop wasting money.

    The conservatives are giving us just what we all wanr and need something called accountability. The problem is with the liberals so engrained in our system they do not work with government at hand but do what is necessary to discredit change. They waste more money fighting the system then trying to make it work. Just look at Despatie in Cornwall, why would you close beds if they are the source of your income? Then they blame the government

    Hospitals in their inability to manage thought it better to reduce satff then reuduce un necessary costs

  10. eudcation is the same way it is becoming a self suporting wheel. Nobody with in the circle is in trouble but if you want to use the system the ride is very rough and costly

  11. Tammy, and you are a politician. WOW.

  12. Yes willie 191, believe it or not there are some politicians who believe in accountability and accuracy.

  13. Just not the Conservatives and Liberals.

  14. I disagree willie when Harper guns for non party supporters we complain about that too. Only the liberals support their own criminals

  15. The Liberals are mainly criminals anyway

  16. Every single politician is a crook. They all say the same thing and do nothing. Until we all stand and say we will not take it anymore it will just keep happening, look at the corruption close to home in Cornwall in South Stormont funny how someone can turn a Recreational hall /turn bar/now it is home for a High Ranking person on township council, funny how all that can happen? Makes one wonder, as long as we keep letting it happen they will just keep taking and the worst is yet to come.

  17. Get a life, I can’t argue your point. The politicians are the cause. They only want you to vote if you vote for them. If they cared about democracy, we would have a large voter turnout. depending on the area, 35 to 42% of society votes. Afghanistan has a better turn out.

  18. One worries about what will happen when they have taken it all…..and nothing remains to be taken.

  19. willie19:1 what I am saying is no matter if we vote or not they still drive stuff at us if we like it or not. Listen to all the promises when they are running and then nothing when elected, then we hear well we don’t have a majority government so we can’t do anything. They will just keep taking, if we where to do our Own pole and Ask the People of Ontario Or all of Canada, can we give more? watch what the majority will say. With the majority speaking will the government listen? I think we all know the answer to that just look at the HST did the people want that what did the government say I think it was the people can decide that on the next election, LOL after it is in place and we set the next bunch of crooks up. Al Capone would be impressed at the legalized steeling they do, and how has the HST helped us all I see is my cost of living going up. But they did send a rebate check and we all felt good about getting some of our money back, as it is our money that runs the country but people went and got a case of beer or some takeout with the rebate, and all is forgotten it is the Dumbing down effect, the government keeping you Wright where they need and want you. They are all the same talk, talk, talk and do nothing and in the end that’s where we get it

  20. Get A Life, again, I agree with you.

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