Nancy Munro chops her hair and raises over $3000 for Cancer at Schnitzels ! Cornwall Ontario – July 24, 2010 VIDEO

Cornwall ON – It’s amazing how communities can pull together so quickly for a good cause.  What started out as a good idea that was going to happen in a basement turned into a warm and happy event at one of the hottest spots in town filled to capacity; listening to super local music and helping a great cause!


Nancy Munro had an awful lot of hair.  She estimated it was longer than 17 inches and she donated her braid to raise money for Cancer.

The Angel Hair for Kids, a program developed by A Child’s Voice Foundation to help children undergoing cancer treatment and CHEO’s  Arts and Crafts play room will now have $3,000.00 more dollars to do their work.

The Big Chop!


Kudos to Nancy, to Leon and Kim from Schnitzels who donated the room, and to everyone that showed up on a Friday night and supported a great event and donated to a fine cause!

Sara Murphy performs backed up by Steve Restinetti of The Trench Town Oddities!


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