Out-Shopping a Concern for Cornwall Chamber of Commerce – Survey Results Offer Clues….Cornwall Ontario – July 29, 2010

Cornwall ON – The results are in and Cornwall shoppers have spoken. The introduction of selected retail outlets would augment consumer shopping choices and could possibly reduce the outflow of dollars to other centres. That’s according to a comprehensive survey carried out by the Cornwall & Area Chamber of Commerce.
“Over 65% of the close to 500 respondents indicated they out-shopped at least once a month,” reports Chamber President, Jeff Bethune. “The results of the survey suggest that with the introduction of new stores, we could reduce and in some cases eliminate out-shopping.”

Close to 90% of respondents shopped in Cornwall at least once a week with the Brookdale Centre and Cornwall Square topping the destinations at 77.3% and 75.3% respectively. Eastcourt showed 34.9% with downtown Pitt Street at 24.8% and Le Village at 5.1%.

In the general retail sector, Old Navy topped the list followed by American Eagle, Gap, Children’s Place, Laura’s Roots, Jacob, Moores and Aeropostale. The Bay, with a minimal response ranked highest amongst department stores.

Specialty retailers included Future Shop, Chapters, Best Buy, Bulk Barn, Michael’s and Toys R Us, Sports Chek, Sports Experts, Aldo and Golf Town. Restaurants in demand included Starbucks, Montana’s, Red Lobster, Second Cup, Quizno’s Boston Pizza and Taco Bell.

Questions about service in Cornwall revealed that over 73% considered it to be about the same or better than other communities with just under 19% rating it ‘not as good’. 45% identified areas, or more specifically, stores in which they would not shop because of poor service.

“The Chamber will be sharing the survey results with the various shopping areas and BIAs and hopes to work collectively on a strategy that adds to our mix of retail stores and keeps our consumer dollars within the community itself,”

continued Bethune. A complete copy of the report can be found on the Chamber web site at www.cornwallchamber.com.

What do you think Cornwall?  What can be done to get more of us to keep the cash in Cornwall?

Spend Local, Buy Local, and Advertise Local!

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  1. Stores like Future Shop and Old Navy would probably do well in Cornwall.

  2. Some more ethnic food stores would be great as well as the Bulk Barn, can’t wait for that one as currently I have to shop out for that

    Has the chamber considered the service that is provided in the stores?
    For the most part people are great however when looking for specific articles we seem to fall short of qualified and motivated people.

  3. I agree. Often in stores, we’re pushed to buy what is on the shelf. And if we inquire about anything else, those working in the stores don’t even want to know what we’re talking about.

    I do have to say that it’s not every store, but most of them.

  4. When I don’t find what I want here in Cornwall, I buy it online. If we had more stores with a variety of items, perhaps more money would be spent locally, if other people think like I do.

    Personally, I spend most of my money at the stores that are closest to where I live, Wal Mart being the main one.

  5. Author

    I know that as a newspaper editor and political candidate I’m not supposed to say things like this, but to me Walmart sucks the lifeblood out of towns. I shop there as rarely as possible and feel very sad when I see that parking lot full and meters up and down Pitt.

  6. Smee…have you been to Sharon’s Pantry? They have a good selection of items.

  7. Eco Chick
    Yep I visit Sharon’s regularly as well; however I find the bulk store has a little more variety and a larger turn around.

    Wal Mart is a pain in the back side, but it only sux life blood from towns in the same situation as Cornwall.

    Sorry I know this will peeve many people off, Wal Mart serves the low income and greedy.
    They also become more popular when speciality stores do not have the people working for them as mentioned in an earlier post. People give up and settle for Wal Mart.

    Can you see a trend here as well

    I like you admin absolutely despise Wal Mart and usually only shop there for poop paper

  8. The only shopping I used to do at Sears was Clinique for men… they can’t even keep that in stock.
    I eally try to buy local but even the staff said you’ll have to get it out of town now ?! GO SEARS!

    Anyone else carry it in Cornwall? then I will never have to to that mall again… woohoo!

  9. Future Shop and Best Buy would be nice… Staples sucks and these local computer stores lack variety…

  10. I went around town getting prices for two auto parts.Cheapest price was Canadian tire at 100.00 dollars a piece plus tax.Just a totally craze price for what i was looking for.So i made a call to a place in ottawa.Bingo For the exact same parts as canadian tire has ,it only cost me 22.00 a piece plus tax.
    Well i,m all for bussiness making money.But come on with price markups like that its hard to shop locally.Theres no reason for the inflated prices they charge in cornwall.

  11. Jason, try Stormont Stationers.

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