Georges Laraque Enforcing for Elizabeth May and the Green Party of Canada as he becomes Deputy Leader – July 31, 2010

Cornwall ON – I’m not sure who’s scarier in a fight, Stephen Harper or the Z man, Zdeno Chara.   Now former Montreal Canadiens enforcer Georges Laraque will be covering Elizabeth May and the Green party as the environmentally friendly Laraque became Deputy Leader of the Federal Green Party of Canada.


“After working for many years on key issues like animal welfare and improving lives in Haiti, I am so pleased to have joined a political party that truly cares about building a healthy and just society,” said Georges Laraque. “I believe that the world becomes a better place one person at a time and that every single individual should do their part to make a difference.  Canada has a serious problem with inactivity and obesity that deserves attention.  I look forward to working with the Green Party on making Canada the world’s healthiest and most sustainable country,” continued Mr. Laraque.

“As Deputy Leader, Georges will help us realize our goal of promoting active, healthy, sustainable lifestyles as part of the Green agenda,” said Elizabeth May, Leader of the Canadian Greens. “The Green Party would implement a broad-based national program of active living to both lower health care costs and improve the overall health of Canadians. We would also introduce a national standard of daily, quality participation in physical activity for our youth to combat the epidemic of obesity.”

“Of course, the reason I was drawn to the Green Party is that it has excellent policies on a wide range of issues. From standing for social justice to strong fiscal policies, from supporting youth and the arts to eliminating poverty, I strongly believe that Green values and policies are the best for this great country of ours,” said Mr. Laraque.

Now who’s going to argue with Georges?   Congrats and kudos to the new Deputy Leader.   I want to see Georges and John Baird go a few rounds!

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