One taken to Hospital after Assault at The Players Club on Pitt Street. Road closed and Re-opened. – Cornwall Ontario – July 31, 1964

Cornwall ON – Pitt Street was blocked off in front of  “The Players Club” this morning until 6:56 AM.   The incident occured approximately at 1:30 AM.    Police stated than assault was being investigated and that one person was taken to hospital.

Pitt Street is now clear so you can get to the Farmers’ Market without having to detour.


  1. Ahhh, the Player’s Club.

    A cheap dive and sometime strip joint that shares the schoolyard fence of Horizon Jeunesse elementary school.

    And how did they get City of Cornwall approval for that? No problem, treat a few married members of council or PAC to a lapdance or VIP room and presto, faster than you can say blackmail, yer licenced. And as one member of council contended, a flat out bribe was even offered.

    And here’s a funny aside …
    After an upset citizen collected some video of school children leaning against the schoolyard/Player’s Club fence, the principal was more upset at him for photographing students than she was at the strippers (in their “uniforms”) leaning out the backdoor of the Player’s Club having a smoke and watching the kids.

    So there you go.

    And incidentally, it should come as no surprise, the news reports of our federal representatives similarly falling over their penises in a rush to be blackmailed by ne’er-do-wells (in this instance, Chinese government agents).

  2. 1964 eh? old news.

  3. Trent
    I so miss the Northway how about you?? Oarty all nite in the bar then for a time upstairs.

    Which was there first the School or the bar?

  4. Pretty sad when people actually bring politics into what could have been a tragedy…shame on you.

  5. When the city had a chance to be rid of the joint, they kept it.

    And if memory serves, there was a previous tragedy …an intoxicated mother left the Player’s Club and hit a tree outside the police station, killing herself and leaving several children behind.

    Shame on who? Politics allows this hole to continue.

  6. HELLO “Trent Tulip”…..The Players Club is a Night Club / Disco bar and has been for a year and a half now; sponsoring charity events, all ages events and showcasing musical celebrities such as Danny Fernandes, Karl Wolf, Belly, Choclair, SMP, EWA, etc.,

    Why are you such a hater Trent Tulip???

    Do you have former regretful memories at the former Northway hotel?? Because the real issue here (thank you Deana) is yet another tragedy of lawful, yet youthful intoxication, whereas one individual assaulted another individual… Regardless of where the tragedy took place, one individual was taken to the hospital for treatment due to the assault of another. Truth be told, the incident was located in the City of Cornwall outside of Miller Hughes car dealership.

    Where your comments strike me as hatred is how you mention local politics, however if you recall, recently there was as “STABBING” at Bojangles yet the Cornwall Police Service and reporting news agency reported the incident as being located at the 100 Pitt Street block, versus Bojangles, yet some random act of conflict is labeled as “6 Responses for “One taken to Hospital after Assault at The Players Club on Pitt Street. Road closed and Re-opened. – Cornwall Ontario – July 31, 1964”” … Furthermore. the Players Club, or former Northway Hotel (strep club), was situated long before Horizon Jeunesse elementary school was so thank your corrupted authorities and politicians for approving an elementary school neighboring “FORMER”: strip club.

  7. No hatred there just an observation (grab a dictionary sometime).

    Or is this naughty you, trying to deflect the negligence of a business (for overserving alcohol) onto this commenter, by namecalling?

    And you know, the assault that sent the victim off to hospital, could lead someone to believe it was not lawful intoxication (as if that exists in law), nor youthful hijinks behind the incident.

    The Bojangles stabbing you bring up, was plainly tragic, but the “comparative outcomes” argument suggested by its mention, is no argument at all; should we rate stabbing as some kind of youthful exuberance if compared to a homicide?

    As for your other argument …well, city planning and sensible zoning isn’t a “first come” proposition; a strip joint is clearly out of place on our main street and so proximate to an elementary school. The city had the chance to fix the nonsensicle licencing and zoning, but instead perpetuated it.

    And since you paint the Club as being practically a charitable organization now, it seems unnecessary to hold onto the current sleazy legal status — maybe you’ll agree it’s time to correct that.

  8. The tone of your argument, if there even is one (other than to shut down the club) suggests hatred.

    Observations, granted, term it how you will, but realistically you are merely venting your biased opinion. I lost respect for your “argument” when you refer to the club as “a cheap dive”, “a hole”. These immature comments are only subjective, reflecting your opinion towards the club (hatred or not) rather than supporting any argument or comment you are stating.

    Furthermore, your rants about it being a “strip club” are inaccurate and need to be corrected. The Players Club has been a night club now since March 2009. No one is painting the club as a charitable organization. If anything you are attempting to paint the Players Club as being some kind of “strip club”, “cheap dive”, “hole”. I am merely correcting you ignorance. The club is one of Cornwall’s premiere night spots, accept it or not. However this comment clearly provides insight as to how accurate your “observation” skills are. LOL. I will encourage you to do some homework about the new Players Club, because they have indeed got rid of the strippers as of March 2009 and have since hosted Red Carpet events hosting musical celebrities such Danny Fernandes, Karl Wolf, Belly, Choclair, SMP, EWA, etc., as well as sponsoring charity fundraisers for Haiti Relief Fund, and Feed The City Agape food drive.

    So, I encourage you again to state your argument. Moreover, please for the sake of you not coming across as a hater, I challenge you to draw relevance to your comments from the article at hand here. Since the real issue is a tragic assault that took place on Pitt St. (and could have happened anywhere) which are unfortunately becoming more and more common in this area. That is the REAL ISSUE we’re commenting on here right?? Your opinion and ignorance for the Players Club is another issue.

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