Liberal Fundraising in Steep Decline – Conservatives still rolling in the ….Green Large Donations Jumping High – Cornwall Ontario – August 5, 2010

Cornwall ON – I was having a beverage with Keith Beardsley a few months ago in Ottawa and shared with me the impact of getting party members to contribute.   He talked essentially about the commitment a person makes when they actually toss some money into the pot.

If you truly want to know how a party is doing following the money always is a good indicator.   For example in THIS REPORT it shows the Grits struggling currently with near Stephane Dion like support for the Michael Ignatieff led team; the Conservatives essentially still floating forward, but the Green Party of Canada making large gains donorship wise under Elizabeth May.

The party reported $1.6M in contributions from April to June of 2010, down from $3.9M in the same period in 2009.

I think people respond with their wallets and their votes in similar ways.   Interesting perspectives.  What do you think Canada?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Despite all the controversies, the Conservatives managed to take in $4.1 Million in donations during April, May and June of this year. Compare that to the $2.4 Million total raised by the Liberals, NDP and BLOC Quebecois during the same period. Thats should show you where voter confidence lies.

  2. With all their millions, the Conservatives continue to infect the country with their culture of abuse, evasion and deceit.

  3. Taking the first letter from abuse, evasion and deceit spells AED, which usually means automated external defibrillator. Something Liberals seem to need for doantions.

    You don’t think Liberals taking money from Employment Insurance or Pension Plans to balance the books did not involve abuse,evasion and deceit?

  4. Eric, Heaven help you, if you can’t see what Harper is all about and how he is doing serious damage to Canada, your country.

  5. Author

    PJR if you can see how much damage Mr. Harper is doing to Canada, and I can, and an awful lot of other people can; why is Michael Ignatieff rubber stamping him down the line?

  6. Ask me another, admin. Ignatieff was a big mistake from the beginning. That doesn’t mean that Harper should be given a free ride to ruin the country; someone has to take him out, the sooner the better.

  7. If only there was a way to discuss points of view, provide examples of abuse, evasion and deceit so people could understand events and or debate between themselves. Maybe a forum after a newspaper story or such could be invented.

    You will not change my thinking on any topic without providing information that can be verified. Articles, name calling or claims without fact is fiction. Please help us all to learn!

  8. Come on Jamie or admin, you say harper is damaging the country but you never explain how nor provide any viable different practices

    It appears you are becoming more of a politician every day. You sound like Ignatieff, Layton, Duceppe and your new boss May.

    Yack about what others do wrong yet provide no alternative and better solution.

  9. PJR the only answers you get here are anti-Harper answers.

  10. Author

    That’s definitely not true. We have an open platform. You’ve seen me call Mr. Ignatieff just as easy as Mr. Harper.

  11. Cojones, that’s the beauty of this forum. You, also can write what you feel is a proper manner in which you see the Conservatives, as well as promote your own ideals. Admin will print it. Everyone and their opinions are welcome at CFN. It really is a great little newspaper.

  12. Factual evidence for Eric and others of like mind:

    ABUSE: personal attacks on public servants doing their job in good faith, such as Linda Keen, Richard Colvin, even their own Helena Guergis, to name a few; accusing all who disagree with their (mis)management of the Afghan mission of being unpatriotic–a George W. Bush tactic; using an international stage for routinely attacking opposition parliamentarians.

    EVASION: proroguing parliament, in effect shutting down democracy, to avoid a vote of confidence; failure to disclose documents relating to Afghan detainees, in effect evading potential criminal breach of the Geneva Conventions; persistent failure to listen to experts on climate change, police organizations on the long-gun registry, and at latest the massive protest to end the long-form census.

    DECEIT: lying about the taxation of income trusts; the Minister of Industry’s misrepresentations re: Statistics Canada; Treasury Board Minister, Stockwell Day, claiming he has heard of only three protests against ending the long-form census, when there is published outrage from dozens of experts and community organizations all across the country (see today’s Globe and Mail second editorial).

    C’mon Eric and company, where have you been? All of the above and much more is common knowledge! We have a minority government hijacking the majority of citizens in our country. That too is a fact.

  13. Of course Jean Chretien was a choir boy. ( I know, he was) “surrender only encourages enemies”
    Using Meech lake to oust John Turner, or the open disdane for Paul Martin, who I believe were in his party.

    The majority counts for little, ask the 80 plus percent who do not speak both French and English in Canada. Of the 14 billion dollar equalization plan, Quebec gets 8 of it.

    I think more energy needs to be spent on ousting the Ontario provincial liberals.

  14. What a sad and scary situation we are in. It looks like the old party politics system is broken. Harper and his nut-case crew (Stock Day, Vic Toews, Jim Prentice, Jason Kenney, and on and on) have been able to high-jack Canada simply because the other big party (Liberal) has been too busy fighting themselves and self-destructing to keep the Harper minority government in check. We’ve been seriously let down by the “official opposition”. In the past, minority governments had to cooperate and rule by consensus with the opposition. That was usually a good thing. Now we have an ultra right, Christian fundamentalist driven party in power with pretty much no restraints, because the opposition is too busy with its own problems.

  15. Jean Chretien was against sending troops to Afghanada. Jean was forward thinking on re-legalizing marijuana. Jean didn’t want to build a ton of prisons. Chretien told Bush ‘hands off the arctic’. Chretien let his MP’s speak. He enjoyed, science, logic and reason. Jean Chretien lived in Canada. Jean Chretien could raise millions of dollars. He had a brave lamp wielding wife. He appreciated an unelected Senate. Jean Chretien had a living breathing life story.

  16. Jean Chretien loves Canada. Harper acts as though he hates Canada.

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