So Where has Liberal Candidate Bernadette Clement been this Summer? Cornwall Ontario – August 13, 2010

Cornwall ON – So where has Federal Liberal Candidate been this summer?   The normally highly visible candidate has been very quiet and rarely seen of late?  A google news search shows minimal activity; a few sound bites from the Michael Ignatieff  Magical Mystery tour as it went through this part of Ontario, and a few sightings at music events prior to the Liberalpalooza fund raiser.

The busy City Councilor has let on that she’s most likely running for council again in spite of being the Federal Liberal candidate.   At the John Baird appearance over the bridge this week she mentioned that if elected MP she’d have to take a leave of absence from Council or resign, but what kind of message does that send to local voters?

Still stung by the defeat over an added Gymnasium to the local 3+1 Arena project the Councilor, joined by fellow councilor Glen Grant, has now championed having leashed dog access to Lamoureux Park, the waterfront gem that caresses the new city offices and Civic Complex.

A local pundit suggested her team was trying to have their candidate keep a low profile out of the gun sights of incumbent MP Guy Lauzon who still manages to show up at just about any photo opportunity in the riding.

Canada Day the hard working Ms Clement was also absent from local media coverage while Mr. Lauzon was hugging the flag in Lamoureux Park in the largest city in his riding.

With the Seaway International Bridge Crisis looking to end by the end of this month or early September in time for an election call is there any ammo that the favorite to beat MP Lauzon can possibly have?

What do you think Cornwall and Canada?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Probably in the liberal competition degradation training session.

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