Cornwall Underground Scores Highest Listener Ship on – Congrats to Jason Setnyk and it’s time for Rock For Charity 6 – Friday August 13th at Cafe Connectionz – 407 Water Street

Cornwall ON – Congrats to Jason Setnyk who scored our highest amount of listeners for a single segment since we started!

Cornwall Underground found an audience that was looking for their music.  Click their banner to listen to the podcast.

Punk, Ska, Metal, and some local music including cuts from Mel and the General Electric were featured.  To listen to the podcast click the Cornwall Underground banner.

Jason’s 2nd episode will be out shortly.

In the meanwhile you can see him and the rest of the local talent being unleashed at Rock for Charity VI which takes place tonight, Friday the 13th, at Cafe Connectionz, 407 Water Street in Downtown Cornwall Ontario.

Rock for Charity 6 is raising funds for Baldwin House.  It’s an all ages show and the coffee and munchies at Cafe Connectionz can’t be beat in Cornwall!

Click the Rock for Charity 6 banner to listen LIVE or via Podcast!

Performing are acoustic sets by Ewen McIntosh, Discover Atlantic (Adam Jasim), Kenn Taylor, Joel Ouellette (aka Rock and Roll Joel), Kevin McBain & Fred Bowen, Matthew Bell, and host Jason Setnyk. will be LIVE at the event and we will be updating you through the show!

Cafe Connectionz


  1. Thank you to Jamie and Seaway Radio for hosting my show the Cornwall Underground. The next show should be on Wednesday August 18th, and expect to hear an interview with Jeffery Netwon who is in local metal band Be the Saviour. The show has great numbers, and I really hope that will attract some sponsorship. I am giving Cornwall Free News the scope right now: Every dollar of sponsorship money I make from my show Cornwall Underground on Seaway radio I will be donating to the recipients of upcoming Rock for Charity events. Here is an update on tonight’s show, Joel will not be able to play due to illness, but Keegan Larose has graciously excepted a set tonight. Kevin won’t be able to make it due to sad circumstances beyond his control, and it’s unclear whether Fred is playing tonight or not. But we have at least 5 musical acts tonight and maybe 6, and I’ll probably be reading poetry as a sixth or seventh performance to promote my book release this Saturday August 14th at Cafe Connectionz from 11am to 2:30pm. Please come early tonight, Ewen McIntosh, who is absolutely amazing, will be opening the show at 6:30pm, so it’s definitely worth coming early to see him play.

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