Madame Mayor? Bob Kilger no longer uncontested in Cornwall Ontario election – August 13, 2010

Cornwall ON – Nicole Spahich wants your vote; at least if you live in Cornwall Ontario.  The retiree wants to make a difference in our city and has tossed her hat into the ring today to run as Mayor.

We’ll be running a profile soon of all the council and mayoralty candidates soon.  Ms Spahich is said to dropping into the Rock for Charity 6 event at Cafe Connectionz tonight if you want to meet her.

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  1. Great move mrs.Spahich, and the best of luck to you in becoming mayor of our city.

  2. I agree, excellent move Mrs. Spahich. I read the announcement in the Freeholder, I believe you have the right idea of what this city needs: to focus on more than one demographic, attract new residents, businesses, and recognize the need that Cornwall can’t just stay as it is, it MUST grow. Former mayor Bryan Sylvester once said that Cornwall is not just a city of 46,000, but is much more with the many people in the surrounding area who work, study, and conduct business in Cornwall. Our last two mayors did very little to see Cornwall grow to be what it should be compared to other smaller communities who are much more advanced in development. I hope you will maintain this attitude and show our citizens what can be made of our fair city. Best of luck in your campagne!!

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