Free Septic and Holding Tank Pump Outs for South Glengarry Residents – 1st Come 1st Serve While Funds Last – August 15, 2010

South Glengarry ON – South Glengarry residents living along the shores of the St. Lawrence River and within the vicinity of Westley’s Creek, Pattingale Creek and McIntosh/Ferguson Drain (new this year) are eligible for a free septic or holding tank pump-out when they participate in the St. Lawrence River Restoration Council’s Septic Re-Inspection Program.

Within the St. Lawrence River (Cornwall) Area of Concern (AOC) potentially failing septic systems have been noted within the remedial action plan as potential barriers to achieving a healthier ecosystem for people, fish and wildlife.

In order to assist residents with their septic systems, improve water efficiency in their homes and learn about proper septic system care, the Septic Re-Inspection Program was launched in 2008. Since then approximately 50 residents have participated in the program.

According to Katherine Beehler Program Coordinator, “The septic program has been a great success. Homeowners have been very pleased with the mix of educational material and hands on inspection that the program provides. As a result of the program, several homeowners were able to make quick and easy changes in their household practices and to their tank that will help extend the system’s longevity”.

Funds for free pump-outs are available on a first come first serve basis therefore residents interested in the program are encouraged to call and book their appointment as soon as possible.

For more information, please contact:

Katherine Beehler

RAP Implementation Coordinator

Tel:  613-938-3611-229

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