Letter to the Editor – Tammy A Hart Supports Conservative Leader Tim Hudak – Newington Ontario – August 15, 2010

Newington ON – What do we expect from our politicians today?

I know what I expect.  I want honesty, accountability, passion and good money management.

Ontario needs a sector by sector strategy to produce high value goods and improved services.  We can’t keep increasing taxes while our productivity is going down.

The public sector in Ontario since 2003 has increased by 22% while the private sector has only increase by 5%.

Government agencies such as E-Health, LHIN’s, HST, Ontario Stewardship (Eco Fees) , Hydro Tax (Green Energy), and Full day kindergarten to name a few are all bureaucratic, inefficient and costly.   For the first time in history we are a “have not” province.  We have a twenty-one billion dollar deficit and growing.

And so far, the only solution Dalton McGuinty has come up with is on line gambling.  McGuinty wants to hire the already scandalous government agency, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) to help keep money in Ontario.  My guess is that the OLG will take care of our debt problems all right; they’ll take our money from our pockets and place it right in their own.  And then they’ll ask for more tax dollars to fund treatment centers for gambling addictions, that way they can justify their own evils.  Does McGuinty really care about a healthy and prosperous Ontario?  Or is it all just smoke and mirrors.

Its time to vote for change in 2011!  I’m placing my bet on Tim Hudak.

Tammy A. Hart

Newington Ontario

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  1. People already voted for change. That’s how McGuinty got in in the first place. Canadian politics is a never-ending carousel between red and blue. When Canadians get sick of the Liberals, they turn to the Conservatives, and when the Tories wear out their welcome, back to the Grits.

    If we want to see real change, we’ll stop giving these bloated corrupt parties time outs and vote in vastly different party.

    Though non-partisan myself, I’m shocked with how little credit people give the NDP party. Although vastly unpopular in many parts of Ontario because of Bob Rae (who was a closet Liberal anyway), the NDP has contributed to many of the social services we as Canadian’s are very proud of. Don’t forget that two of Canada’s greatest and most progressive Prime Minister’s, Lester Pearson and Pierre Trudeau, were at one time backed in minority governments by the NDP. Free health carwe and the Canada Pension Plan are two system’s we can in part thank the New Democrats for.

  2. People that have been in this country a long time tend to be hopeful around election times Gel, hoping someone new will work out. Someone that will have some intestinal fortitude to do the right thing not just pander for votes from special interest groups.

    I truly believe we, folks with a lineage of 60 years plus in this country, need to form our own special interest group though, to push politicians for a return to a time with a few less programs to eat away at our pockets.

    I am not anti immigrant or whatever, but taxpayers have hit the tax saturation point! And something like 22 million doallrs plus, to process this recent boatload is taking money away from services like our “free healthcare”

  3. The solution is the Canadians Organized to Manage Internal Chaos or COMIC party. We are currently petitioning Rick Mercer to join and become our leader. When we are elected into power we will rule this nation with humour and common sense. If the opposition gives us a hard time we will hit them with rubber chickens fired from air cannons.

  4. Reg, I do appreciate the humour, however Canada has changed and something more serious should be demanded by us, besides, rubber chickens are people too…..

  5. Sorry. No. Not buying it. It wasn’t that long ago that I can remember the WAR that the Conservatives declared on education and health care. Thanks but no. I’m willing to look at the NDP ideas and I’ll hear what the liberal party has to say but I’ll vote for an illiterate monkey before I ever vote for a Conservative again no matter how good a candidate he or she appears to be.

  6. People did not vote for change, they voted for Liberals.
    People did not like the public sector being held responsible for spending by Harris and or Eaves. Public sector is so liberal entrenched that change is refuted to the bitter end, they prefer frivilous spending but not on the people but on pensions and job security.

    Ladies and gentlemen I give you Mcguinty and Brownell. Look at our bot Jimmie. Who are his closest associates, teachers and small business people not wanting the area to grow and definitely not away from the liberal incest that lives here

    Can anyone show me something else or prove that to be incorrect?

  7. Standup you vote for what you resemble

  8. Where is the NDP or the Conservatives on the HST debacle. Why is there a revolt in BC but you dont here a peep in this province?

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