It’s Official – Cornwall Ontario City Councilor Mark MacDonald Announces his Run for Mayor LIVE on – Tuesday August 17, 2010

Cornwall ON – Two Term Cornwall Ontario City Councilor Mark MacDonald just announced LIVE on that he’s running for Mayor.

The retired Fire Fighter wants change; and to find ways other than raising taxes to pay for infrastructure and other costs.

To listen LIVE or via PODCAST click HERE.

Mr. MacDonald joins incumbent Mayor Bob Kilger and Ms Nicole Spahich as candidates for Mayor of the city of 46,000.

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  1. Mark
    Good luck, not too sure if you are the best we can get but a change is neede just the same

    I do have questions if you read this article,

    Whne will the city of Cornwall have a completed 5 year plan? A directive so people know ehere the city is travelling.

    Why did you and Andre stop pushing for the Robery.H.Saunders taxes?
    Even if we waved the back taxes, would it not be prudent to have then adjust the amount to suit todays rate in accordance to the land value, we do not even get service from them.

    The US, MAssena and the natives recieved a settlement, we have a new building for tourism. Surely we could have done better then that. They closed the last tourist facility due to lack of interest.

    The new bridge,
    Why did we not allow for use of the old canal, it is my understanding Mac Thompson and company had designs for a set of locks to raise pleasure craft over the dam. Many people worked hard and tried to get local support from many of the community groups to no avail.
    What is the long term plan for the bridge, where is the city going to direct all the trucks to? If we get as many as everyone claims, they can only go downtown and into riverdale.

  2. Snee a 5 or better yet a 20 year plan would be best. It would at least give us an idea of what we want Cornwall to be and thus make decisions accordingly.

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