Letter to the Editor – Brian Lynch is not Happy with Online Gambling in Ontario – Cornwall – August 17, 2010

Dear Editor:

I have many concerns about the McGuinty Government’s plans to introduce internet gambling in Ontario in 2012.  Experts on problem gambling say that internet gambling exposes more young people to gambling, preys on the vulnerable, and encourages and increases addiction.

This is quite an about face for the governing Liberals who condemned the previous Conservative Government in Ontario for alleged plans to introduce internet gaming calling it “another way to bleed money out of the most vulnerable people.”

Before internet gambling is launched in Ontario, our legislators should hear from the experts and the families affected by problem gambling and study the effects of online gambling on gaming behaviour and addictions.

Internet gambling preys on the poor, the unemployed, reformed gamblers, and young males who are internet savvy but seemingly unaware of the consequences.  For the problem gambler a click of the mouse can result in the loss of the house.

It is unfortunate that our provincial government is giving up the fight against illegal online gambling and getting into the online gambling business itself.

Yours truly,

Brian Lynch, Cornwall Ontario

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  1. I think gambling is a small problem but a good start Brian!

  2. I think gambling is a big problem and the government shows its hypocrisy every time it supports it. The government has no conscience about bleeding people dry by, as Brian says, putting overwhelming temptations in front of them. The government doesn’t really care about the poor, the vulnerable and the addicted who will lose money while their families are in need. The government is not concerned as long as the tax revenue keeps coming in. I think it’s scandalous.

    This is moving society in the wrong direction in my opinion.

  3. The poor, the unemployed, reformed gamblers, and young males are an easy target for politicians. This is a group that can’t afford to protect themselves. Shake any family tree, a few addicts will fall to the floor.

  4. But, it creates good paying jobs for construction, maintenance, administration and maybe even addiction services! The government can have photo ops and brag about the employment numbers even.

    People are catching on, I hope!

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