NDM-1 Gene Cause Concern for WHO – Cornwall Ontario – August 25, 2010

Cornwall ONWHO (World Health Organization) wants to monitor the spread of the new Super Bugs emanating out of Southern Asia, and the UK.

The new gene makes bugs highly drug resistant in a recent report from the Lancet.     The report even went as far to suggest Veterinarians participate and track the ever increasing amount of bacteria that are immune to treatment.

Better hospital and personal hygiene are the basic defenses in trying to stop the spread of such bugs which tend to impact those with reduced immune systems more than others.

So far no cases have been reported in Eastern Ontario, but the H1N1 Flu last winter hit the  Cornwall region harder than most areas nearby so more vigilance will be needed.

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  1. If bacteria or super bugs can become immune and resilient to attempts of immunization, isn’t it prudent to assume mother nature can adapt and over come as well??

  2. What a bunch of bs. I didn’t get my shot last year for that h1n1 propaganda…. And I’m healthy . Cornwall was hit hard, because it is easier to crest hysteria in uneducated people… Cornwall has a large gullible population

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