Echo Trends & Attica Teen – Stretching your Fashion Dollar has never been as much fun! – 54 Pitt Street in Downtown Cornwall Ontario! – August 26, 2010

Cornwall ON – Echo Trends and Attica are the places to find true value in Cornwall Ontario when it comes to clothing.   Many times it is better to buy a pre-loved higher end garment than low cut discount clothing, and most times it’s a much better value as well as experience.

While Echo Trends is the largest Consignment shop in the area they also carry a growing number of new items as well.

Colleen Campbell, owner of Echo Trends and Attica Teen can explain better:

These days consumers are looking for low cost items, but not considering the value in the purchase.  Many of the department stores are competing for these consumers now and the problem is, the product just is not lasting….so the person ends up paying 3 times the amount in the end because the product didn’t last.

An example of this are these $8 jeans at that Big Box store here in Cornwall.  Some of  my customers are telling me that after 2 washings they’ve faded, after 4 washes their coming apart at the seams.

People need to start looking for quality in their clothing a bit better…even the fit is part of purchasing a higher priced item.

On the other hand, come to Echo Trends and pick up a pair of Gymboree jeans for your child for $8 to $12, and not only do they fit magnificently they last a long time.

More often than not, they are also much more stylish than the mart brand.  Plus of the top reasons why our customers keep coming back…their kids are not wearing the same thing as everyone else’s child.

There is a new store in town…very cheap, many people shopping there, BUT everyone and their dog  is wearing the same clothing.  My customers are tired of that, the pieces are very cute but often when they bring their child to school…they end up wearing the same thing their friend has on!  How embarrassing is that?!?!

Echo Trends and Attica Teen are much more than clothing though.   Some of the hottest fashion jewelry in the area, kids clothing, toys, and accessories, school uniforms for both area High Schools St. Joe’s and HT, shoes, and they now have a new furniture and decor section on their lower level as well.

With names like Hollister, Abercrombie, Lululemon, American Eagle, Roxy, Billabong, Hurley, Element to Phat farm, and Ecko…kids are lovin’ it!  Visit often…like Echo Trends, it’s never the same store twice!!

It’s all about value and stretching your fashion dollars.   Echo Trends and Attica Teen are like having your very own personal shopper here in Cornwall Ontario!

Visit Echo Trends and Attica Teen at 54 Pitt Street in Downtown Cornwall Ontario today!   Tell them that you saw their ad on The Cornwall Free News and of course you can visit their website or facebook pages by clicking the links below or any of the images.

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