Run your car on Urine? Research team working on new Fuel Cell concept – Cornwall Ontario – August 28, 2010

Cornwall ON – In man’s search for options to fossil fuels a team is now conducting research on the use of Urine as fuel or in particular Urea.


Unlike existing fuel cells that require catalysts made from precious metals like platinum, the “Youtricity” research group’s prototype uses a cheaper catalyst and less expensive membranes.

There are so many options that we never consider that could take the place of Oil and Gas it’s great to see people exploiting them.

What do you think Cornwall and Canada?  Could this be a viable option?

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Jason Setnyk Schnitzels


  1. Drink a few pints, then fill er up, lol.

  2. We already have and have had water-powered watches for the past 15 years. The water car has been around since the 70’s… Just search for jack Nicholson water car ad on YouTube. Or what about Ford’s soy bean car… Which had to be put on whole during war time

  3. I wonder if those urinals bite?

  4. Antipasta, that’s just what I was wondering!
    Where’s the pasta when we need him?

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