Letter to the Editor – John Milnes – Guy Lauzon Misinforming the public? – August 28, 2010

Dear Sir:

There has been a letter to the media in the past few days and it came from Guy Lauzon, our MP.  I am responding to this letter because it is misinformation at the best.  I can relate to Mr. Lauzon’s lament about the way in which the recent Sri Lankan refugees were allowed into our country through a human trafficing process.  From there my support stops because Mr. Lauzon is trying to garner yet another opportunnity to obtain free publicity through false information.

Let us look at the facts:  Mr. Lauzon, as does the Minister of Security – a duo of fools – says,  “The best way for our government to deal with this very serious problem was to wait until the ship entered Canadian waters and was subject to our Canadian laws.”  WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.  The prime minister just proved the point when he declared Canadian fighter planes had turned back a Russian plane over the Arctic.  If they can turn back a Russian plane and thus prevent it from entering Canadian air space then the Canadian Coast Guard can turn back a sea vessel before it enters Canadian waters.  Had the government turned back the Sri Lankan vessel they would not have had the problems they currently have.  Australia did this and we could have done it.

Of course, the bleeding hearts would have cried out “what about the refugees, the women and children?”  So what? They chose to make the trip and should take the consequences.  However, all is not lost because the Sri Lankans could go on to a Russian port or any one of the western seaboard ports of the USA and Mexico where they might try their luck.  My question would be, “Does it have to be Canada?”

Our Conservative government did botch the job and the ship was allowed in.  Now for another botch job.  Had the ship been impounded and all its officers slapped in jail it would have been a sound message to anyone else awaiting the chance to do the same.  The Minister of Security has said he has intelleigence to show there are other ships awaiting the outcome of this event before setting sail.

Then we have the famous comment, “We will prosecute to the full extent of the law”.  Of course, neither of the super politicians say how they will entice the human traffickers to come to Canada to be charged.  Nor do they tell us how they intend to stop other ships from coming to our country now they have shown every crook the route in.  The Conservative government has sent a clear message to those awaiting an outcome – come on over, we are waiting to welcome you.

The duo of fools made a massive blunder because they could not turn to the boss for instructions.  The architect, the dictator, of all that happens in this country was away on a huge photo-op in the Arctic where, on our dollar, he has danced and fooled around on an ATV showing us all he can twist a throttle.  Guess what?  There are drivers all across Ontario who do the speed thing and they do not have to spend huge amounts of our money to do it.

Game up folks. It is time for us to look at facts, not listen to Conservative fiction.  The Minister of Security and our own MP are floundering in their fool’s paradise.  They should be taken out of our government so we can get back to true democratic leadership rather than blatant dictatorship or foolish mistakes.

John E. Milnes – South Stormont Ontario

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  1. Milnes, you are lucky to have this paper allow you to spread your brand of vitriol. You make me sick!

  2. Johnny *lol* though I agree we should not have allowed these people into the country you should consider. They will be having children and eventually paying taxes to help your teachers’ pension and increase the need for future teachers to enlist in the patent of useless lies know as the education system. Our current population is not rising fast enough to pay taxes needed for well things like your pension

    Also why would the people in immigration need to speak with Harper on this issue, were the immigration minister and his associates not hired to take care of issues like this?

    I hope this is not a reflection of your career, running to the OCT or the principal for help at the first sign of students.

  3. This article should be titled “John Milnes Misinforming The Public” by trying to promote hatred against the democratically elected government. Unfortunately for you John, the present government seem to be the best choice we have at running the country right now.

  4. I agree Stan.

  5. I’ll bet John thinks the bridge issue is Harpers fault as well. We have all these governmental entities in place and this guy only blames one person. It definitley displays a lack of understand of business structure. I hope it was only english he taught

  6. Wow! What a rant! While I have never in my life voted Conservsative I think this time I might. What other choice do we have???? Iggy? Laughable at best. And the trip to our Arctic was not a photo-op John, it was Harper showing the rest of the world that the vast frozen tundra belongs to Canada, is Canada and will always be. But then again John, you sound like the type of guy who would happily give it all away to the Americans, Russians et al.

    I shudder at the thought that you were once an educator. I can only hope that you had enough common sense not to spew this type of drivel at the young, impressionable minds that were under your authority.

  7. Unfortunately he spewed all types of drivel at those young impressionable minds he was “teaching”

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