Denis Thibault Wants to Serve a Second Term on City Council – Cornwall Ontario – August 29, 2010

Cornwall ON – Denis Thibault, a long time resident and very active community minded person has announced he’s running again. He hopes that the voters of Cornwall will support him for councilor again in the upcoming municipal elections this fall.

“Today, I have submitted my papers to stand for re-election as Councilor for the City of Cornwall.

If elected, I will continue to address community concerns and bring new ideas to the Council table. I will continue to focus on:

  • Bringing more good paying jobs to Cornwall
  • Being your voice to work smarter and reduce taxes where possible
  • Getting our waterfront back from the Federal government
  • Finding ways to address the Long Term Care Crisis in our community
  • Making sure that we continue to receive quality policing, firefighting and EMS services
  • Upgrades to park facilities such as a splash pads
  • Making Joe St Denis Park facility a new home for the football program.”.

We must continue to FOCUS ON THE FUTURE!!

Thibault was first elected to Cornwall City Council in 2006. In his capacity as Councilor, he sat on many Boards, most notably the Police Services Board as Chair, Economic Development Committee as Chair, Public Advisory Committee as Vice Chair and Budget Committee.
He also serves as member of the Waterfront Purchasing Committee, one of the issues moving forward as a result of his leadership in attempting to make Cornwall more prosperous and open to innovative development.

Thibault has also been a leader in the pursuit of improving cultural sector support in our Community and was able to get funding from various sources to develop a Community Culture Plan for Cornwall-SD&G.
His interests and hobbies include golf and curling as well as Community service. He also works full time as Executive Director of the Eastern Ontario Training Board Mr. Thibault is supported by wife Elaine (Ruest) and three daughters, Lindsay, Joanne (Claude) and Michele (Michel).

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  1. “Community concerns, being your voice, waterfront back from Feds, upgrade park facilities (splash pads), Joe St.Denis Park for football”. Nowhere has Mr.Thibault mentioned a word about DOG PARKS which are on EVERYONES MIND! I wouldn’t vote for someone who didn’t support an off-leash park for our four-legged friends.

  2. Absolutely agree with the Concerned Citizen. The only person I know who has ever addressed the animal issue on council is an animal lover herself. I’ve seen her in action as President of the OSPCA. Mary Ann Hug.

  3. Oh please. Dog parks are *not* on “everyones mind” (sic). Besides, I understand there’s an off-leash park being built by Fence Depot. Why do you need one from the city too? I haven’t agreed with everything Thibault’s done during his term, but he’s one of the better ones around that table.

  4. One “for fee” dog park is insufficient to serve the local population as far as I see it. An off leash dog park is an amazing social opportunity for all people of all ages and their dogs. If we can spend millions on an ice pad certainly Cornwall can spend the pittance required to secure and service an off leash dog park that anyone can use…young, old, physically challenged, poor, rich, white, black, one eyed blind purple eaters…the entire Cornwall based population regardless of Eco-social background. Calling all forward-thinking ‘wannabe’ municipal politicians! Can you help us out…please?

  5. Unimpressed, perhaps you’ll be more unimpressed to find out you have to pay 150 bucks a year to use that Fence Depot park. If anything, in my opinion, I believe they probably had something to do with why the city didn’t come out with a free dog park for our citizens and their pets. I mean come on? $150? Yeah, come to Cornwall, its beautiful here, and you can even pay to walk your dog…

  6. Eco-chick: I enjoyed reading your post. I’m old enough to remember that it was a “one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater!” Remember Sheb Woolley?
    Good post too Grimmy and both Concerned Citizens.

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