FM Radio Trying to Force its way onto Cell Phones via the US Government – Cornwall Ontario – August 29, 2010

Cornwall ON – In the US there’s a move to force Cell Phone makers to include a FM receiver into phones; especially as WiFi comes more into effect.

Right now more and more people are getting their news and even music from their phones.   New smart phones are making this easier and more pleasurable and the future seems clearly marked out.

As a matter of fact; some of you reading this story may in fact be doing so on your iPhone or Blackberry.

Ad revenues for FM radio have plummeted and AM radio isn’t doing much better while internet radio blooms.   Even our own humble online radio station is seeing some real growth in some of our programming.


Six of the largest tech trade associations have publicly opposed any forcible-FM-tuner-implantation. In a letter sent this week to the Senate and House committees with jurisdiction over the topic, the tech groups said the idea amounted to candlestick makers campaigning against the electric light bulb: “Calls for an FM chip mandate are not about public safety but are instead about propping up a business which consumers are abandoning as they avail themselves of new, more consumer-friendly options.”

I can’t argue that.  Maybe, just maybe, more of these radio companies should simply adapt to technology?  It’s not like this is some surprise happening.   The internet and its expanding role in our lives and eventual convergence are not a new concept?

What do you think Cornwall and Canada?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. It’s probably a good thing. Homeland Security would have the means of connecting with more people via cellphone than by radio. Word of imminent attack from without or within could be conveyed to the people. News from everywhere would be available more effectively.

  2. My FM radio costs nothing to operate. There are no fees on my AM radio. I get global coverage for free with my shortwave radio. I don’t answer the phone.

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