Mary Jane equals Less Pain according to Montreal’s McGill University Marijuana Study – Cornwall Ontario – August 31, 2010

Cornwall ON – A study recently gave evidence to what many people have discovered.  That Marijuana can relieve pain issues; especially to the nervous system.   It also can cause you to post pictures of cute bunnies in a field.


“We found that 25 mg herbal cannabis with 9.4 per cent THC, administered as a single smoked inhalation three times daily for five days, significantly reduces average pain intensity compared with a zero per cent THC cannabis placebo in adult subjects with chronic post traumatic/post surgical neuropathic pain,”

The study also showed a marked increase in the consumption of tacos and listening to old Jefferson Airplane albums.

What do you think Cornwall and Canada?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. We use to try and relieve pain after football games, it does not relieve pain what so ever it actually makes the throbbing more noticeable, but it does make pain more bearable.

    This is from personal research. Anybody else give it a try?

  2. This month in SD & G several families had their children kidnapped by child services because one or more parent smoke marijuana. This month in SD & G County Conservative MP Lauzon applauded billions of dollars worth of prisons for the unreported crime of using marijuana. If you use marijuana your children will be taken from you and sold to strangers. If you use marijuana you will lose your job and your business followed by your house because you will be serving minimum mandatory jail time and your business and house will be sold to strangers under Bill S-10. I wonder if all the people who use marijuana will be sent to a Warsaw ghetto by members of Parliament who follow orders without question? How many marijuana users will stop feeling guilty for who they are and their innocent behaviour behind closed doors that is of no consequence to anyone else? How important is it for the oldest generation in this country to hunt down young people like dogs? Why is it most Police Chiefs in Canada publicly and privately state that marijuana should be legalized? Why did 30 thousand police officers join ‘Law Enforcement Against Prohibition’? Why did the Crown Attorney approve of medical marijuana users protesting in the offices of MP’s with marijuana? The answer is there isn’t anything even a little bit wrong with marijuana. Marijuana can however reveal those who are not fit to govern and have lost all moral right to authority because of their unbalanced hostile reaction to those who do use it. We must be concerned with Members of Parliament who have little access to science, logic and reason because they will ferment great and vast wrongs in other areas of our adult Canadian lives.

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