Cornwall Ontario Councilor Denis Carr Makes it Official – Announces Run for Re-election – August 31, 2010

CORNWALL ON – Veteran Councillor Denis Carr announced today that he will be a candidate in the upcoming municipal election.

Citing his experience as the chair of the city’s budget committee for the past four years, Carr believes that taxpayers’ money must be used wisely and efficiently in order to maintain a competitive tax rate.

“The budget is the most important exercise that the city faces each year, and it sets the tone for everything that follows,” said Carr.

Carr believes the $25-million Progress Fund – which was established through the sale of Cornwall Electric – has and continues to serve the city well.

“The interest from the principal of the Progress Fund continues to fund quality of life improvements. It provides funding apart from city taxes, making our city more attractive to new development,” said Carr. “We must continue to protect the Progress Fund.”

As for other priorities, Carr believes council must continue to cultivate a climate that attracts new investment and development, thereby creating new jobs and taxes.

The veteran councillor believes there is a newfound sense of civic pride and optimism in Cornwall’s future, and it’s growing.

“The new bridge has been approved, and we can now plan to realize the full potential of the waterfront,” Carr noted. “The recently announced development plans for the Cotton Mills area are proof positive of this new spirit of progress and confidence.”

Carr continued, “There have been many positive steps in downtown revitalization through the Heart of the City Community Improvement Plan. We must continue to support both The Downtown Business Improvement Area and Le Village Business Improvement Area in enhancing our downtown areas.”

Carr and his wife Suzanne have three children, Jamie, Danielle and Denis, and two grandchildren, Isaac and Charlotte, with another grandson due in September.

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  1. maintain a competitive tax rate
    I would like someone to ask Denis , what the rate is competitive with? What other communities pay as much taxes as Cornwall for no services in return from said taxman?

  2. Yes…I would like an answer to that as well. Also what is being done to insure our children, of all economic backgrounds have something constructive to do. Instead of seeing signage such as “no skateboarding here” or “no dogs allowed” have playgrounds, basket ball courts, skate parks and dog parks available so that children and adults can let loose and play and not get in trouble for doing so.

  3. “Citing his experience as the chair of the city’s budget committee for the past four years, Carr believes that taxpayers’ money must be used wisely and efficiently in order to maintain a competitive tax rate.”

    Ok, 4 years passed, and what did we see? talk about a 38% raise for one? Was Denis in on that? Thats a wise way to use our money. What about the what, 45 grand to scare away geese in Lameroux park for a few months? Wise indeed… 34+ Million on a 4plex arena we need like a hole in the head? Again, wise… and there’s already hiccups on that one, so I bet that amount is going to rise yet again.. wise indeed… yep, Ive seen a lot of wise things go on in the years Ive been here… so wise, that our city hasn’t even grown in population… what about a Dog Park Denis? One that the citizens don’t have to pay 150 bucks for to walk their dogs? I mean, this city, lets face it, theres a lot of low income going on, and people don’t necessarily have the money to even spend on these little perks.. now that would be a wise expenditure for city council, a dog park, considering I’ve seen nothing good come to fruition out of the millions they’ve spent so far over the years..

  4. Author

    Grimalot Councilor Carr was not “in on” the raises for council. Wrong guy there. I can say that Councilor Carr was one of the reasons the budget came in lower this year. To be successful in any city council you give and take on most issues. It’s not perfect, but if you want a target for any big ticket items I’m thinking Councilor Carr is the wrong target.

  5. Jamie, notice I did say “Was he in on it?” You’ve answered my question on that part… I still give a failing grade on much of the other stuff… especially 45 grand to scare geese… must be good to sign off on that…

  6. Grimalot

    If people have low income why do they have pets? If you can’t afford it don’t have it or better yet live with in your means.
    They may not have to pay $150 to walk the dog but you can bet your sweet bippy taxes will increase for maintenance. So loose loose, remember our admin, council and leadership group are note the brightest people in the show.

  7. Regardless of income level, people get pets, I watch it every day. Just like I cannot stand watching people on welfare go and spend their cheques on drugs or alcohol only to be footed by the public. However, a dog park is a bit of a different story here.

    We have a demographic that is aging, we have a young demographic that we are trying to keep in Cornwall instead of them moving on elsewhere as they probably should at this time, Id rather have a dog park, then spend 45 grand on scaring geese if you think about it.

    Yes indeed, people should live within their means, but some do not. And it just in my opinion makes Cornwall look bad when people have to pay to walk their dogs.. Its such a simple issue, this should not be happening like this and that is a fact. Gone long ago are the days of freedom when you used to be able to walk around in almost peace, enjoy life, and not have to get gouged to hell to go and do something that should just be a part of everyday natural life.

    As another example, lets look at those that may need a little activity in their lives. The ones sitting all the time, becoming obese, etc, wouldn’t it be nice that they can go walk their dogs without having to pay (which we know they wont), and possibly get a little fitness activity in rather than just sitting around as usual? Its all red tape basically..

    And Ill remember that the brighter people can at least spell properly… 😉 If you’re going to blast someone, at least make sure you blast them with correct spelling involved.. 😉

  8. Apparently exercise does have a positive affect on intelligence.

  9. Why should anybody receiving social benefits, or working for minimum wage be entitled to to afford healthy food or decent housing? If these lowlifes would just get off their asses, and get high-paying jobs, then they could afford fresh veggies and heating oil. Vote Hudak! Vote Harper!
    Brought to you by the Reformatory Riding Association of Dundas County. Well, maybe not.

  10. Furtz: I hope that these insensitive comments are sarcasm and not your true opinion.Do I have to remind you that these are people victims of circumstance and not lowlifes as you have suggested. Where are these high paying jobs for them Not in Cornwall because I may even look for one as my day job. If governments like those voted in ie: Harris, McGuinty- Chretien, Martin did not rob with clawbacks from those on assistance they might still afford fresh food and safe affordable housing and not have to ask for more help. If you could not afford tv-cable, a phone or a movie maybe a pet could be considered therapy, company and comfort from the horror of living every day in poverty.

  11. Furtz, I am with Gary, please let us know if this is sarcasm.

  12. Yes Gary. It was sarcasm. I agree with you totally.

  13. Grimalot, attracting the younger element was my thinking a couple of weeks ago while biking along the waterfront trail. There is parking along it to attract out of towners, and concerts in the park should be advertised to Ottawa, Kingston and Montreal, which you can bike right to. Hotels and restaurants could get in on deals even.

    As far as poverty goes, I was told early on – look around you, the people that have things for the most part, work full time – so I worked full time, sometimes 2 part time jobs to make 40, 50 and even 60 hours. You talk to some people now and are disgusted if asked to work more than 37.5.

  14. Frutz, cant stand the Conservative government, he has a hate for Harris. The Conservative government of today is about smaller government, cutting bureaucracy, supporting small business, and maintaining middle class. Frutz you forget there is good and bad in every government…The Harris government had its issues but as said many times before, they said exactly what they were going to do, there was no lies, no deception, unlike what we are living with on a daily basis today.

  15. Author

    Tammy I can assure you as a small business owner I get zero support from the Federal government especially in this riding and our MP. No assistance, no help, no cash. We recently were attempting to get some funding from one program…..well the circular chasing of the tail was simply a waste of time. Cutting bureaucracy? Not Mr. Harper. Middle class? Puh-lease – there’s been a war against the middle class for far too long.
    I challenge you to support your post.

  16. Correction Tammy. I don’t hate conservative governments. I’m old enough to remember the governments of John Diefenbaker, Leslie Frost, John Robarts, and Bill Davis. All decent, if not perfect leaders. Today we no longer have a traditional conservative party federally. It was swallowed up by a fringe group of mostly religious fundamentalist nut-bars from the west. Provincially, Conservatism changed with the arrival of Harris, and his totally corrupt and deadly government.

  17. Jamie, your right I cant defend everything about Steven Harper. But I will say that I am pleased with the stance Harper has taken regarding our military, the gun registry, global banks, his strong comments on countries holding themselves fiscally responsible. His support with Danny Williams and the seal hunt, his concerns with the North, I like his approach to the environment, realizing that other countries (the UN) would have us go bankrupt to satisfy the radicals and hypocrites. I think he is doing the best he can do with a minority government. Canada has been very generous when it comes to disasters ie. Haiti and Pakistan. He’s going to be bashed no matter what he does because socialism in Canada has taken over.

  18. Author

    Tammy taking care of your fellow man and caring about Canada is not being a socialist, and I’m curious why some people use that term as though it’s slur? The majority of Canadians do not agree with Mr. Harper’s government policies.

  19. Yes, I agree Jamie, but common sense and middle ground is the objective.

  20. Socialism borders on communism. You say the majority of Canadians do not agree with Stephen Harper’s policies…..then why are the polsters predicting a majority Conservative government if an election were called upon Parliaments return to business?

  21. Hey Concerned, Which pollsters are predicting that? As far as I’ve seen, nobody is in majority territory.

  22. I sometimes have to wonder if Furtz is not the admin stirring the pot for ratings

  23. Author

    smee the only admin on this site is myself. That’s why you don’t see my name next to the few posts I make.

  24. Smee, I know it’s really annoying to you and Tammy that some people have different views from yours, but what would be the point of any forum if everyone agreed on everything?

  25. I’m with Furtz on this one, only in this country can 1 in 5 vote this tool of a Harper in.. and only in this country, can he get away with what he has so far… and all because of a very small minority of idiots agreeing with him or letting him get away with it.. Again, want to exact change, think outside the box for once instead of letting this sham of a government taint your minds!!!

  26. Disagree Grimmy, the small minority of idiots as you call them are actually a majority and thats why he’s the boss! This “sham” of a government is actually doing a good job as you will see election time. The alternative is the Liberal Party with their “entitlements” and the blatant stealing from the public purse. Look for another BIG scandal with the Liberals in Quebec over the “fixing” of judges appointments.
    Don’t you just love those scandal-free Conservatives?

  27. They are hardly scandal-free Cojones, they just have a better way of hiding… right, file the paperwork to be able to talk in the first place, and just hide all the truth or corruption after in a different way… we’ll see all the crap they are causing now start to come out of the woodwork about 5 years or so from now.. and at that time, too late, the damage will already be done… the blind leading the blind..

  28. Furtz. Everyone can have different views and that is great. It is your intellectual and ethical ignorance that is your downfall

  29. Smee. That’s just an insult for the sake of an insult. Makes no sense. “intellectual and ethical ignorance”?
    What the hell does that mean?

  30. Again, coming from someone that cannot spell properly in many cases, one has to question where one’s intellectual side sits…

  31. lemme spel betr 4 all uf u kin unnerstand mor betr

  32. In the bathroom reading Uncle John’s bathroom reader

  33. Not sure that spelling and grammar should be a big issue. Lots of really smart people can’t spell worth a damn and have trouble with grammar and sentence structure. The main thing is having the idea understood. That being said, if the only purpose of the post is to hurl an insult, it’s a lot more effective if it’s written properly, and makes sense. Otherwise it does make the hurler look stupid.

  34. Furtz
    Judging from your last post on September 9, 2010 at 22:00, I can clearly understand why you find it difficult to understand what I was implying in the statement “intellectual and ethical ignorance”.

    Proper English is not something you are familiar with by your own words.

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