Could a massive new Loblaws distribution centre be the cause of the special meeting of council called for Wednesday at noon? – Cornwall Ontario – September 1, 2010

Cornwall ON – Could a massive new Loblaws distribution centre be the cause of the special meeting of council called for Wednesday at noon just before the election season kicks into high gear?   Follow us on The Cornwall Free News for the latest news on tomorrow’s meeting.

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  1. i hope we get this it would be nice to have another big warehouse here Cornwall needs jobs like this

  2. Would be good to see a much needed economic brought in another warehouse.

    We just need to hope council and economic development do not make the same mistakes they did with Wal Mart super center

  3. It would be good news for anyone with debt owed to Ontario! Our provincial Liberal government is hiring 30 debt recovery agents for an 18 month stint. The salary is about 48,000 / year each. Guess they will need to bring in over 5 million to pay for themselves.

  4. Actually the Wallmart decision was very prudent its not often a city council places forward thinking and plain common sense ahead of a few quick tax bucks, Cudos to them. Although I still believe (being the conspiracy theorist I am, I love them all) there’s a lot more to that story than we’ll ever know. I also believe the Loblaws announcement if made is a really good sign for our community lets hope it all pans out.

  5. Walmart is a bad company for a community to support.
    They fight their tax rate and don’t provide jobs that benefit workers.
    Loblaws would be a step above Walmart.

  6. Ils vont en construire un et le fermer si vous n’êtes pas soumis à leurs demandes…. C’est ce qu’ils ont fait à Québec, un entrepôt neuf de 80 millions$$$ et 5 ans plus tard… fermeture!!! C’est pour cela qu’ils regardent pour en construire un autre…. ce sera la même histoire…. s’il y a un syndicat = fermeture!!!! Ce n’est pas une entreprise où il est agréable à travailler, pensez-y! Travail monotone et hyper discipliner!!!!

    Loblaws est pire que Walmart… sauf qu’ils ne savent pas gérer!

  7. dont get fooled, you say loblaws is better than walmart well it isnt so, if anything they are worse. i have worked for them for 17 years, i know what their warehouses are nowadays. nothing but third party companies under paying their employees

  8. well yes or maybe the Best Buy distribution centre, or future shop one is on the list to open here

  9. Hey Ottawa,
    Can’t be that bad, you chose to work there for the better part of 2 decades.
    Man up and get out if it’s so bad. Good luck finding $ 23.50/ hour + benefits+vacation in the region for unskilled warehouse work.

  10. Hey other Ottawa Guy

    I said their warehouses are nowadays, not Ottawa. So man up and learn to read. Im fine making 23 a hour doing putaway all day. But the new warehouse wont be close to that. Just like Ajax

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