The Trouble with Traci – Apologies to our viewers and sponsors – Cornwall Ontario – August 31, 2010

Cornwall ON – We wish to apologize to our sponsors, and you our loyal and beloved viewers of The Cornwall Free News and

We have to announce that Traci Trottier will not be hosting our upcoming morning show on   We will be making an announcement shortly as to her replacement, and the show should be starting in late September or early October instead of September 13 bringing you a mix of news, interviews, and the perfect mix of  music to accompany your mornings at the office and at home .

We continue to endeavor to bring you the best of local content and community support and thank you for your emails of support and messages.


  1. What happened

  2. Author

    Ms Trottier reneged on her contract.

  3. Admin, Things happen. Long term, this newspaper will be stronger and better than any other in eastern Ontario. I love the banter.

  4. Author

    Thank you willie191. It’s never easy to deal with adversity, but sometimes it does make you stronger and better. Lessons learned and now it’s time to move on and get better. I thought it was a good idea; reaching out to Ms Trottier after she was dumped from 104, but have learned from this experience.

    It’s funny. In the old days, a million years ago, a persons word or handshake was all it took to do business. Now you use a contract and even then some people think they don’t mean anything.

    We’re interviewing her replacement and our morning show should start by the end of the month.

  5. So she is in breach of contract? Why do you not persue the issue.
    How much better was the other offer?

  6. Author

    smee I can’t legally comment on the nitty gritty of what transpired. We reached out, Ms Trottier signed. Ms Trottier reneged. I did my best to find a happy solution to this mess, and unfortunately this is the result. It was out of my hands completely, and only Ms Trottier can answer for that.

  7. If she signed a contract, and has reneged, then sue her. Obviously her word, her signed contract, her bond, mean absolutely nothing to Traci Trottier. She plays for No.1 – herself!
    Speak to a lawyer and sue the pants off her, if only to teach her a lesson in honesty and veracity.

  8. How can she just change her mind like that? Can’t you make her stay true to her contract with you?

  9. Author

    Hi Patty, you can’t “force” someone to do anything, and frankly would you want someone on the radio who didn’t want to be there? I’m sure time and karma will fix this mess. My biggest concern is letting down our sponsors and you our readers and viewers. Again, my apology for this mess, and we have already started to interview to find a new host for our morning show.

  10. Maybe she just realized that your paper is all about politic,s Jamie.Your politics and your views and maybe she just doesn,t feel as strongley as you do about your views.

  11. Obviously Trottier came to her senses. After 14 years working for a legitimate member of the media, how could she not?

  12. You mentioned her being dumped by 104?? If this is true, then you are much better off without, don’t you think?

  13. Author

    Hi Anne,

    I didn’t think she was fired for anything related to her on air performance and I thought our situation would be a good fit for her and for us.

  14. personally,..i feel it’s disturbing how u all speak about her this way,..who reallly knew the issue?..not us us..

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