Creating Jobs At Reynolds Food Packaging – Company gets $102,225 via Eastern Ontario Development Fund – September 2, 2010

Summerstown ON – Ontario is helping a Summerstown company increase production and create 45 new manufacturing jobs.

With support from the province, Reynolds Food Packaging is investing to retrofit its existing facility, implement a more efficient manufacturing process and upgrade equipment.  These improvements will double production capacity and help the company maintain its position as a market leader.  The company produces semi-rigid plastic packaging, like those used by grocery stores for selling baked goods.

The province is providing a grant of $102,225 through the Eastern Ontario Development Fund to help the company implement the project.  This investment supports the province’s five-year Open Ontario plan to create new job opportunities and promote economic growth.

“Ontario is very pleased to partner with companies like Reynolds Food Packaging that are committed to innovation and building economic sustainability.  The Eastern Ontario Development Fund provides exactly the type of targeted, strategic investments that will help realize this region’s full economic potential.”

– Jim Brownell, MPP for Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry

“Reynolds Food Packaging is pleased to partner with Ontario in this project which will lead and maintain by expanding a sustainable manufacturing business and bringing new money and investment into the region.”

– Jack Lindsay, Plant Manager for Reynolds Food Packaging, Summerstown.

§       The facility currently produces numerous various shapes of plastic containers and serves markets in North America, South America, Europe, Australia and the Middle East.

§         Reynolds Food Packaging Canada has operated in Summerstown since 1989.

§         To date, the Eastern Ontario Development Fund has committed over $23.8 million to 50 announced projects, representing a total project investment of more than $161 million and creating 715 new jobs.

§         As a result of our comprehensive tax package, the tax on business investment in Ontario is being cut in half, making Ontario businesses more competitive.

Visit for more information on the Eastern Ontario Development Fund or call 1 866-909-9951.   Check out other government-funded programs and services for Ontario businesses.

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  1. Awesome, this is much better than giving money to friends of the summerstown forest, or to that sham of a program to teach people common sense on driving and taking care of their vehicles to ensure the lowest emissions..

  2. Yes it is great news, but do you not think somewhat hyprocritical of the green initiative?
    “The facility currently produces numerous various shapes of plastic containers and serves markets in North America, South America, Europe, Australia and the Middle East.”

    Still using hydrocarbons or in this case a byproduct called polyethelene.

    I guess it makes it difficult to choose a side, do I work to pollute or pollute where I work?

  3. Regardless of the environmental impacts which I am not taking into consideration, at least this money is actually doing some good instead of those other aforementioned dead end projects they otherwise sink our money into…

  4. Smee, polyethylene is a thermoforming plastic that can be reshaped and reused. It can be a valuable recyclable material if the different levels of government had the will to recover it from the landfill stream. Now that would be another source of green jobs.

  5. PE can be reformed I agree, but at what cost?

    There is degradation of the chemical composition of the product with each range of heating.
    Then there is off gassing when PE is heated and reworked.
    If it is done in Canada we will monitor the process better then in most countries. However the cost is just out of touch with reality in Canada.
    The fees for environmental approvals enforced by green lobbyists are ridiculous. The attitudes to promote the recycling industry are never met with optimism. It is more profitable to scrutinize then modernize in Canada. That is part of why so many companies relocate to other countries.
    My experience with the Cornwall chapter of green teams is NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard). They do not want these recycling plants. Their belief is that of, it promotes a status quo for pollution. They would rather spend money on new technology. All the while nobody is working to clean and use the waste products we now have.
    New technology is good but so far new only creates new waste. Casein point CFI lighting. We now need a special facility to recycle them. I have to ask, better for energy consumption or better for industry and politicians

    We also have the cost of energy for heating.
    If they heat with natural gas we are still supporting the petro chemical industry and using methane, a huge contributor to green house gasses.

    I am not trying to be cynical of your statement but there is a reality that is never mentioned. I have only hit on a few of them here, Green is good but our procedure is wrong

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