Letter to the Editor – Matthew Dubois Not Happy with List of Electors Process – Cornwall Ontario – September 3, 2010

Dear City,

As a crazied loon who is out to `hunt’ down my estranged spouse, I thank you for helping me track her down with the publishing of your upcoming `List of Electors’. I wouldn’t be able to do it without you! Thanks again.

As you can imagine, I cringed when I saw the advertizement in the Seaway News today (Thursday Sept.02) and didn’t see a section saying that people who need to protect their privacy had a mechanism to have their name removed.

I called the Elections office and quizzed a very nice gentleman who told me that this question has never come up. I am
very surprized and shocked that nobody at City Hall has thought of this. Especially where such matters come under the new Federal Privacy laws! If I’m not mistaken, you are breaking the Law!

If not, could we at least protect those that need it.

Could you Please look into this and retify it as soon as possible before some gets hurt or sues the City. You only have a few days to get this right.

Oh, by the way, is that list of assessed property owners still sitting in your lobby on full display with full public access?

Matthew Dubois, Cornwall Ontario

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  1. Unless someone pays cash, has no credit cards, regular address, driving license, or hopes to get government pension cheques one day, a person with some shoe leather can track down people easier than most know.

    I agree that information is very easy to find though and that does not even include google or canada411 use!

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